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      homemade velveeta
      1 1/2lb grated cheddar
      1 1/2c very hot water
      1/2cup plus 1T instant dry milk
      1/2 envelope unflavored gelatin (1 1/2t)
      In blender, put 1/2 of the water and 3T of the milk, 1/2t of the gelatin, and
      whip until gelatin is desolved. Quickly add to the hot mixture 1/2lb of the
      cheddar. Whip till blended.

      Pour into a 8x4x2 1/2″ loaf pan that has been lined
      with plastic wrap. Repeat this twice, till all ingredients are used. Cover pan
      with more plastic wrap and chill overnight before unmolding.

      Keep cold and slice
      as needed. Yield 2lbs.

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      thanks for the homemade velveeta recipe… i was looking into making cheese at home and when i told dh i had found a recipe for english blue cheese he was like good now learn to make velveeta

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      Does this end up creamy when melted? (Like velveeta)
      I can’t bring myself to feed my family a ‘pasteurized prepared plastic product’, but love the texture that velveeta lends to recipes.
      Also, how long does it last?

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