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      In a small container with a lid, mix a little baking soda with
      hydrogen peroxide. Get enough of each so that you make a paste. brush
      for a few minutes, rinse.

      you can add a little more peroxide if your
      paste dries out over the days.

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      I am going to try this, I drink alot of coffee and I see my teeth change colors even though I brush alot. It wont make you sick will it>???

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      It will not make you sick, just don’t swallow. It not only helps to keep your teeth white it also will help if you have gum disease or cavities. I have been doing this for over 20 years and have not had one cavity since I started.

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      I had heard that peroxide will remove stains from teeth and have been rinsing with a watered down solution for awhile. Just never thought of putting baking soda with it and brushing. Thanks I’ll try that, sure beats the cost of white strips.

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      Before toothpaste, people used baking soda to clean thier teeth. It has a slight abrasiveness to it. I was TOLD this, mind you.

      I’m not quite old enough to rememder doing it!

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      Janice you are too funny!!!! I have a problem with the mint in the toothpaste and it was my grandmother who told me to use the baking soda-because it was what she used, she is old enough. LOL

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      Oh my gosh — I used to use baking soda lolll I’m old enough I guess. But I think my parents were being frugal LOL” . Ladies you are all too funny.

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      I don’t know about funny but I have been told I’m warped! (whatever that means!)

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      Everything Kim said is true. We were told to do the same thing by our dentist a few years ago. It works!!

      I keep it in a covered container, never dries out. You will get used to the taste.

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      where to get hydrogen peroxide

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      Wal Mart has it in the pharmacy area. Usually you can find it by the bandages. Really inexpensive too.

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      You can get hydrogen peroxide in the first aid section of any drug store or grocery store. It should be right along side or very close to rubbing alcohol and cost under $1.00.

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      if you’re asking where to get hydrogen peroxide, look in the pharmacy area of your Wal Mart or grocery store, it is usually next to the rubbing alcohol and the first aid area. Hydrogen peroxide is also wonderful for getting out fresh blood, bubbles up and with a little scrubbing will wash right out.

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      my mother was complaining about how her teeth seem to be stained from years of drinking coffee, my husband and i were talking about getting a whitening package from a dentist near us for her x-mas gift.. now i think i may get peroxide and baking soda as a half joke gift… a joke gift and a “here ya go.

      cheap at home teeth whitening! tee hee!!!

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      Hydrogen peroxide is usually found in the first aid isle next to the rubbing alcohol. get a large bottle because it has many uses. One is to wash out fresh blood, it will make it bubble up and with just a little scrubbing wash out.

      Comes in real handy for “that time of the month”. Thank goodness I’m past needing it for that!!!!!!!

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      I am a dental hygienist and we do tell our patients they can try sea salt, baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and water mixture, not only to whiten but as a rinse to fight off gingivitis. Make sure you use a little water with the hydrogen peroxide ( we say 50/50) because over a long period of time large amounts of hydrogen peroxide straight can have the opposite effect and cause a black stain on plaque that has been left behind.

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      This is a tried and true old fashioned natural way of getting those pearly whites their natural whitest.

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      We used baking soda,at times,to brush our teeth when I was young.

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      This stuff really works, I also put some mint extract in mine just a little this is what my nana said she used when she was little.

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      Thank you for this, I am using it every day.

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      I’ve been told by my Dentist to use hydrogen peroxide with a soft toothbrush on my gums to detour gum disease. I’m 64 and my gums were pulling away from the teeth.

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      It works great!! You could also add a drop of peppermint….of course you would want separate containers for each person and I would clean it out good with soap once a week, the container that is!!

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      I’ve have been rinsing with peroxide, but not brushing…thank you for the advice…def going to try it. I have tried mixing baking soda with some lemon juice and it seems to help with the coffee stains, but you can’t use that every day… can you use the peroxide and baking soda every day?

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