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      Baking Soda
      Lemon Juice
      Vinegar (for really bad toilets)

      Sprinkle a little baking soda and lemon juice into your toilet and walk away.
      Come back later and scrub with a brush.

      easy and economical!!


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      I’ve never used lemon juice — will have to try it.

      I have used baking soda & vinegar to clean my drains and it works well. I’ve found that it also works well for unclogging the toilet when the plunger doesn’t work. I just plunge till most of the water is gone, then add baking soda and follow with vinegar.

      I let it sit awhile (15 min or so) and follow up with a really BIG bucket/pot of hot water. Usually doing this twice will restore the ‘glug’ sound. (for repeat problems you may want to call the toilet manufacture.

      I did this and (honest – it’s true!) he had me flush the toilet and hold the phone over the toilet so he could hear the sound. He talked me through a few adjustments to the tank parts and flushed again and the toilet ‘glugged’ properly!) I was amazed!

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      Thanks taxcat……for all the help!!

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      I use the lemon juice and baking soda for all my toilets !!! I also use it to clean my stove !!!! It also works great on ovens and sooooo much easier on the lungs than the commercial oven cleaners !!!

      If it’s really bad sometimes I will use a green 3M scrubber and that always does the trick !!!!

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      I use lemon juice and salt in my coffee pots, now you have me thinking that might work also on the toilets!!

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      I cheat and throw in a chlorine tab from the pool in the tank .. We have horrible hard water (it will leave deposits in less than a week), the chlorine tab takes care of it.

      I did have to change the flapper, but it has also helped on flushing !!! The outside sewer pipes were moved a few years ago and they do not slant as much as they used to as a result everyone on the street was having a problem of plugged toliets especially in winter. The chlorine I think clears the pipes of buildup which means it flows faster, less chance of freezing.

      My son uses on his bathroom too and he had always had a problem of flushing at his place – it stopped the problem (same town/same water)


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      I don’t clean my bathroom, I daily swish it. Every time I go in I do something different. I get up in the morning and my first trip I throw a little body wash or shampoo in the toilet and swish it around.

      I actually do this twice a day because we got nice orange iron water and doing it twice keeps it from staining. Next trip I swish the sinks. Take a bath when done swish out the tub.

      Take a shower swish on the way out. Wipe down mirrors with damp towel on next trip. Once a month I vacuum.

      It is so simple and I hardly notice doing it now but I never actually clean my bathroom except for the once a month vacuum. No chemicals just sweet smelling bath products. I use to fight and work hard trying to keep the stains off and now they are gone and I don’t have to scrub it each week and I do mean I scrubbed it!

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      The baking soda and lemon juice actually takes off that gray stuff in texture-bottomed showers.

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      I never thought to use shampoo in the toilet but sounds like a great idea that I will be trying. I have tried the baking soda and lemon juice though and it works great…smells good too!

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      I will be trying this one !!!!!!!!!

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