Homemade Shower Gel

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      1 cup of unscented shampoo
      1/2 cup of water
      1 1/2 tablespoon salt
      12-15 drops of essential oil or fragrance oil.

      In a bowl mix together the shampoo and water. Add salt and mix
      well. The salt will help the shampoo to gel.

      Then add your
      essential or fragrance oils a few drops at a time. You don’t
      want to over due the scent. If you want to add some food
      coloring to give it a bit of color you can, but that is totally

      You can either bottle it up and make it all fancy with ribbons, or use it for your self!!


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      Thanks Lynn! I think I may make some for gifts!!

      Jaime OH

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      Thank you Lynn. This is the kind of thing I like to do. I have always liked to take one thing and creat something new from it.

      Thanks again.

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      Your welcome Jaime, I make alot of my gifts, I think sometime I have more fun making them 🙂

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      Are you using regular table salt with this recipe? Thanks. Have never tried this before.

      One other question what type of shampoo do you use ( brand that is)…….

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      Hey JoAnn, I use regular table salt and plain VO5….. Hope that helps 🙂

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      Ok THanks — I just wanted to do this correctly.

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      Oh its all good, you can substitue and adapt this to your liking actually… Good luck dear friend!!!

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      Why couldn’t you skip the fragrance oil and use a pretty scented shampoo. But two bottles of shampoo, turn one into shower gel and have a pretty matching gift set?

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      That’s a great idea Janice. I like that, it would make a nice gift.

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      Suave makes shampoo & matching conditionersin all sorts of fragrances and it’s very budget friendly. A pretty basket, hand made wash cloth (If you crochet) and 3 matching bath products. Very nice gift.

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      Excellent idea Janice, I may have to go find some items for this tomorrow!!

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      This sounds great!! 🙂

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      Hope you enjoy this idea Suey!!

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      Sounds great, but where would I find unscented shampoo?

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      CVS has the plain unscented shampoo 🙂

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      This sounds wonderful and easy. I’m all about easy you know. Could anyone please tell me where they get their containers to put this in.

      Any help would be great!! Have a blessed day all!!



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      Syndy, they sell all sorts of nifty containers at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. Do you have access to those? Dollar Tree usually has appropriate containers as well.

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      Cool idea! I like matching shower gel to shampoo.

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      Great ideas!! Thanks to everyone for their input!!!

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      Good recipe for hardworking bodies at the end of the day (of yard work, house work, work work!) Thanks!

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      I am so exited to have found this recipe!! I sure am going to try this!

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      Thanks, I am making this for my family. Everyone can have their own scent.

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