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      Recipes? For the pepperoni and salami, I just grabbed one off the web

      somewhere. Since I put it away, I’d have to look for it. I haven’t

      tried the summer sausage yet. Yesterday I made this wonderful onion

      dill sausage with caraway seeds I really liked. Unfortunately, I had

      no saurkraut or rye bread which would have been excellent with it. We

      just ate it on some rolls.

      For the breakfast sausage, can’t say I have an “exact” recipe.

      Usually I add salt (1T/lb of meat works for me); to taste: black

      pepper (or pepper medley), red pepper flakes, sage; cracker crumbs

      (1/4-1/2c). I like lots of sage and pepper–both red and black.

      Sometimes I add one or more–thyme, allspice, coriander, lemon peel,

      bit of sugar, a bit of citric acid. I guess breadcrumbs would work if

      you don’t have cracker crumbs. Mix well, shape into patties and fry

      to done. I really prefer to roll into a log with wax paper, chill and

      slice–they’re more uniform. I usually get about 8-14 patties out of a

      lb of ground chicken/turkey, depending on size. Sometimes I use beef.

      If I feel particularly industrious, I might use my sausage maker with

      the casings for links. I just hate to clean the thing.

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      > So do you share recipes?


      > Ria in Maine



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      > > I have started making my own sausage for breakfast. I usually use

      > > turkey or beef.

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