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      1 pound white rice
      1 pound spagetti noodles, broken in pieces
      1 medium onion chopped
      1 tablespoon chopped garlic
      1/2 cup chicken bullion powder
      2 tablespoons oil
      8 cups water

      In large deep frying pan with a lid, put onions, garlic, oil and cook until
      onions are clear, but not brown. Add rice and noodles. Cook until browned
      a little, stirring constantly so you do not burn it.

      If you do NOT want the
      noodles and rice browned, stir only until coated with the oil. Add bullion
      powder and water, and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionly. This
      makes about 10 cups.

      NOTES: Sometimes I add frozen veggies or cooked chunks of chicken. You
      could also substitute cooked beef with beef bullion in place of chicken with
      chicken bullion. This makes great leftovers for lunch or even with eggs for
      breakfast the next day.

      You could also use up leftover veggies in this
      dish, or melt a little cheese on top for variety. If you have homemade or
      canned stock, you could use this instead of the bullion and water, adding
      salt and spices to taste.

      I buy rice, chicken bullion powder, oil, and garlic in bulk at Costco as I
      find it cheaper there. I buy spagetti noodles anyplace I can find them the
      cheapest. This helps keep this a lot less expensive than it would be
      otherwise. My cost for making this is about $1.40 for about 10 cups.
      Compare this to those $1.29 boxes of Rice a Roni that make only 2 cups and
      you see where the savings can add up.

      Adding veggies and/or meat to this recipe increases your cost, but also
      increases the total cups to 11-12 cups. Adding small amounts of both meat
      and veggies can make this a wonderful one-pan complete meal. Again,
      leftovers are fantastic when reheated for lunches the next day, or rolled in
      a flower tortilla with a little grated cheese, or added to an omlette with a
      little cheese melted on top.

      The possibilities are endless if one uses
      their imagination.

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