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      Was this the one you were referring to. Beef bouillon can be substituedd
      for chicken. I bought dryed tarragon from Penzeys.

      they have an online web

      homemade rice a roni

      1 pound white rice
      1 pound spagetti noodles, broken in pieces
      1 medium onion chopped
      1 tablespoon chopped garlic (I buy big jars of it)
      1/2 cup chicken bullion powder
      1 tablespoon oil
      8 cups water

      In large deep frying pan with a lid, put onions, garlic, oil and cook until
      onions are clear, but not brown. Add rice and brown. Add spagetti noodles
      and stir to coat with oil.

      Add bullion powder and water, and cook over
      medium heat, stirring occasionlly.

      Sometimes I add frozen veggies or chopped chicken chunks. One could also
      substitute beef or other bullion for the chicken. This makes great leftovers
      for lunch or even with eggs for breakfast the next day.


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      Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 12:16:28 EST
      From: Cuevas4000@wmconnect.com
      Subject: Homemade Rice Mixes

      For the chicken flavored rice mix is calls for dried tarragon. None of the
      supermarkets around here carries that. What would be a good substitute

      Another question. There was a recipe for the beef flavored rice (like rice a
      roni) on the site but now I cannot find it anywhere. Does anyone have a

      Thanks in advance

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