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    4 tbsp baking soda
    4 tbsp hot steamy water
    toothbrush or soft-bristle brush

    Make a paste by combining the baking soda and water.
    Apply it to the inside of the oven using the brush.
    Allow the solution to sit for 1 minute.
    Scrub with brush until oven is clean.
    Rinse with water and sponge until no traces of baking soda remain.

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    This is great! My oven hasn’t been cleaned in a about a year. ( I don’t use it that much) but I noticed a lot of pizza residue in it and it started to smoke a bit.

    I tried your concoction and it worked fabulous. Sure beats store bought chemicals that kill your lungs.

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    Got to love baking soda.

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    I buy baking soda by the bag. I use it in baking, carpet cleaning and now oven cleaning.

    cheers for the tip

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    If your oven is really, really dirty and this won’t budge anything, try adding vinegar into the mixture (for a max of 30 minutes) but please check if this is harmful to your particular oven (when mixed with bicarb.)

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    I use baking soda all the time to clean. Suggested that to my boss at work and showed her how clean I could get the glass doors to the case. Takes the minerals spots off the metal cases too.

    I am allergic to some chemicals, so my cleaning supplies involve baking soda and vinegar. Cheaper too. When I burned something in the bottom of an old aluminum pan, I rinsed it out, put in some baking soda and water and put it on to boil..

    I had thought I would never use that pan again. I watched as the black just peeled and boiled off the pan.

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    The oven door slides right off from a vertical position to give better access to clean it.

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Household Recipes Homemade Oven Cleaner