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      Can someone please help. I have been using homemade laundry soap for a few months. However, I am noticing that my darks have lights streaks through them.

      So far this has happened to a few pairs of pants and some shirts. One was brand new and never been worn :022:

      I got a recipe from this site or off the internet –

      1 bar soap (I used ivory)
      1 c washing soda
      1 c borax
      1 c baking soda.

      (I made a triple batch, so 3 of everything above.)

      ANY help would be appreciated. Is this a stain or have they literally been bleached?


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      It sounds to me as if they have been bleached. Borax is a bleaching agent (turns to peroxide in hot water), so this could be what it has done. Maybe cut the amount of borax in your recipe to 1/2 or don’t use any borax.

      Washing powder will work to wash your cloths all by itself, as far as that goes. Hope this helps. Thanks; Virginia

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      I was afraid of that. Thanks for your help.

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      I always wash in cold water, but mix the soap for a load with a cup of warm/hot water to soften it up.

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      The only time I’ve had a problem is when one of the kids packs the washing machine to tightly. Packed to tightly keeps it from mixing in and dissolving properly I always make sure my clothes are very loosely put in but I also only use cold water. It takes over 20 minutes for the hot water to reach my washing machine so you get cold whether you want it or not!

      My recipe uses:
      1 bar of soap
      1 cup washing soda
      1/2 cup Borax
      I cook it up with 4 cups of water & the grated soap until it’s melted. Then put 3 gallons of hot tap water into a bucket and add the melted soap, washing soda and borax and stir well until all powder is dissolved. top off bucket,stirring to mix.

      This will gel overnight. makes 10 gallons. You can add 10 to 15 drops of essential oil if desired.

      Use 1/2 cup for top loading machines, 1/4 cup for front loaders and if you have soft water only use 1 tablespoon!

      Maybe this recipe will serve you better!


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