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      I never thought to use Listerine.
      Wow I will have to try this.
      I do all the other as well. =)

      On 6/10/08, C D[/b] <> wrote:

      I'm too lazy to cook up laundry soap anymore, so I just open up a box
      of washing soda, add in an equal amount of borax, and go! Sometimes
      I'll get fancy and trow a bar of bath soap in a food processor and

      add that to the mix, but I'm not that sure it's necessary. I had a
      little regular laundry liquid left over from when I switched, and
      I've used for spots, but that's it. I just use the 50/50 mix

      (without the bar of soap) for my dishwasher, as well, and for both
      machines, vinegar works well as a clarifier for dishes, and to reduce
      static for clothes (affects the electron charge). If I need to scrub

      up around the house, I'll put a bit of the 50/50 in a bucket of hot
      water, then add a squirt of dish soap. I never use another cleaner.
      For disinfecting, I use Listerine (it was used in prepping for
      surgery in the olden days, before people began to rinse their mouths

      with it), vinegar or hydrogen peroxide. My house is chemical free,
      for the most part, and my family is literally healthier(i.e.
      significantly fewer doctor's visits). We're saving a good deal of
      money, too.

      I hope that helps. The book where I got these ideas is called
      _Organic Housekeeping_, by Ellen Sandbeck. I wrote her about
      questions I had regarding the material, and she actually responded to
      me with great assistance.

      Nice lady.

      Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind !

      Michelle and Stephen in PA

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