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      Re: : Re: Homemade Laundry soap and softner warning

      Every time someone, especially Dr. tell us about our holistic ways, we panic. I would continue using home made soap. I went to a pharmaceutical and told him that I have MG and am interested in using Ginsing.

      I asked him to check if I can take Ginsing with Mestinon which I take 3 x a day. He didn’t look at any books, he looked at me and told me I will be ok. so of course i went home with ginsing.

      side effects started with cramping and other minor issues. so i pulled out my prescription for natural healing book and guess what i found out. mg is immune system problem and one thing was not to muse ginsing.

      also that it will cause like-labor contractions/cramping. i can tell you many stories of errors that medical field has made. so let your gut feeling tell you if you are doing what you are suppose to.

      most doctors do not want to help you if you ask for help using holistic medicine. in this case home made soap.

      good luck to all of us,

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