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      About MYO laundry detergent:

      I used Suave soap my first 2 tries and it seemed to
      work fine. So any old soap will probably do. But it
      took forever to cook the liquid form. SO the second
      time, here’s what I did:

      1/2 bar of any soap, grated into flakes
      1 cup Borax
      1 cup washing soda

      Mix all three together and keep in plastic container.
      Use 1 tablespoon per load.

      This is the same as the liquid except it’s powder.
      MUCH quicker and easier than the liquid.

      Washing soda and borax are becoming staples in my
      house. You can also use them, about 1 Tbsp of each,
      instead of dishwasher powder like Cascade. I have even
      used 1/2 tsp. of Dawn in the dishwasher like someone
      on this list or my other budget list suggested and
      it’s worked fine. And for stain removal, use vinegar
      and dawn in a spray bottle. Works great! I work in a
      restaurant and have to wear a white shirt, and it
      hasn’t failed me yet.

      I’d say that you don’t even NEED to buy any
      pre-packaged cleaners. Just keep the following on hand
      and you are covered.

      Bleach (about $1 a bottle)
      Vinegar (depends on size of the bottle)
      Ammonia (but never mix with the bleach) (under $1 a
      Borax (about $2.50 a big box)
      Washing soda (about $1.75 a big box)
      Baking soda (I got 4 boxes free with coupon recently)
      Soap ($1 for 3 bars at my local $$ store)
      Dawn dishwashing liquid (best brand IMHO) (usually
      about 30 cents with coupon)
      Hydrogen peroxide (pretty much like OxyClean but much
      cheaper, under $1 a large bottle)

      And that ought to cover just about all your cleaning
      needs. And way cheap, too. For under $10 you are set
      for months at a time. But I confess that I still buy
      Lysol all-purpose cleaner when I can get it free with
      a doubled or tripled coupon. But I don’t really need
      it with all the other stuff. I’m in the process of
      using up my remaining stash of expensive cleaners,
      like Greased Lightening, Electrasol tabs, and Lysol
      Antibacterial Kitchen Cleaner and then it’s homemade
      for me!
      Jen K



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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Laundry~Detergents~More homemade laundry detergent