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      I use it, right after I get out of shower and again at awakening and again when i return home. I rinse mine in water after each application. very neat.

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      I have been searching for homemade deoderants & antiperspirants:
      these I have found: put hydrogen peroxide under arms; (antiperspirant)
      when dry can put on: mixture of 1/2 corn starch, 1/2 baking soda; or
      baking soda by itself; if during day (esp hot) can add 2nd
      application; however, i discovered a woman who said she pays $7 a
      year for crystal: & likes using the best; checking it out I
      discovered this: over the years 8 different common ingredients found
      in deoderant products have been banned for posing a health hazard to
      users: aluminum clorohydrate being the worst; reason: alzheimers is
      caused by to much aluminum in folks systems!

      and I have great
      difficulty finding any deoderant out on the market that does not have
      this ingredient in it; folks: it is absorbed directly into our
      systems using it as deoderant!

      so: crystal is hypoallergenic,
      fragrence free, non sticky, non staining, dries instantly, leaves no
      white residue, is paraben free & contains no harmful aliminies;
      (aluminums); 100% natural mineral salts; so: I have been using
      hydrogen peroxide & baking soda; but it is kind of a pain; I am going
      to go find a crystal product today; but I am going to buy it
      in “rock” form; simply a ball which you apply under arms instead of
      the I am sure higher priced products which they come in “regular”
      plastic packaging today!

      said was available now at Walmart, health
      food stores, etc; is sold worldwide folks: discovered in France & if
      I can get a product that does all this does & others have moved on to
      this liking it better, so am I! $7 a year for deoderant that does all
      this does is beyond wonderful!

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Budget101 Discussion List Archives Budget101 Discussion List homemade deoderants ideas