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      Yum, these sound delicious, do you have a really good dehydrator, we
      have a cheap one from walmart and I don’t know if it would work? Also,
      how long does it take to dehydrate them? Thanks!

      I use squash and zuchini to make homemade chips. Just cut into thin
      slices. Put seasoning on them- garlic salt, BBQ sauce( this is good to

      marniade them in), and french fry spice, then dehydrate them. My kids
      eat them, up quickly and they are getting a good snack without all the

      fat. They like the chips without seeds so I tend to pick them early
      before the seeds are very big. They keep very well after drying in
      airtight jars.

      You can also add these to soups. Marsha

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