Homemade catfood recipe?

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      I have been feeding my cat a special food called Spot’s Stew. I have

      done a lot of research and this is definitely the best catfood on the

      market. It contains human grade meat, organ meat, vegetables and

      vitamins, that is it. The maker of this catfood wrote a book, The

      Whole Pet diet and gave out the recipe. I tried to make it but my cat

      hated it. Even the neighborhood wild cats would not even eat it. This

      cat is extremely important to me and he is old. I truly believe that

      an extremely healthy diet will extend his life but I cannot afford to

      keep giving him Spot’s Stew. Does anyone have a homemade catfood

      recipe that cats will actually eat?



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      It is possible to look up the list of ingredients to this food on the Halo website. I searched Spot’s Stew to find that information. You may be able to create a recipe from there.
      I am going to post the recipe I found, but I want to first say that there was a caution regarding making your own animal food and restricting your pet to that one recipe alone.

      This is due to the nutrition that is required may not be found completely in one recipe.

      If you make your own food it is recommended to switch up the recipes, as long as you are creating balanced recipes, and to also consider supplementing with the manufactured food to ensure the pet is healthy.
      Almost Spot’s Stew Recipe:
      1 whole chicken (free range or no hormones/antibiotics stamp on label)
      2 cups brown rice
      6 stalks of celery
      8 carrots, scrubbed but not peeled
      2 or 3 yellow squash
      2 or 3 zucchini
      1 small broccoli crown
      handful of green beans
      –Wash chicken, then cover with water in a large stew pot.

      Cut veggies into pieces and add to pot. Add rice Cook until chicken almost falls off the bone and veggies are tender. Completely debone chicken.

      important step! -cooked chicken bones can splinter & cause serious intestinal damage, so take a minute and check to make sure you removed all of the bones. pour the stew into blender and chop/blend until the mixture is coarse (about bite-size to your pet).

      freeze in meal sized plastic bags.

      hope this helps you keep your kitty happy 🙂 it’ll help you save some cash to still be able to supplement with the real stuff! you could try other ingredients, just research first what should be in cat food and what shouldn’t.

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