Homemade catfood recipe?

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      I don’t have a home made diet, but Science Diet makes a product that is very high in calories that I believe is called a/d….it comes in a flat tuna sized can and most large pet stores/vet offices carry it. It does sometimes help to warm the food(any food)slightly because the sense of smell goes as they age and when you warm the food some it seems to become even more stinky…it’s a pain, but it got an extra year of life for my parents 21 year old tabby.

      Lisa G.

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      I have been feeding my cat a special food called Spot’s Stew. I have
      done a lot of research and this is definitely the best catfood on the
      market. It contains human grade meat, organ meat, vegetables and
      vitamins, that is it.

      The maker of this catfood wrote a book, The
      Whole Pet diet and gave out the recipe. I tried to make it but my cat
      hated it. Even the neighborhood wild cats would not even eat it.

      cat is extremely important to me and he is old. I truly believe that
      an extremely healthy diet will extend his life but I cannot afford to
      keep giving him Spot’s Stew. Does anyone have a homemade catfood
      recipe that cats will actually eat?


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