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      Elmer’s Glue – paint on your face, allow it to dry, peel off and see the dead skin and blackheads if any

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      Now exactly why doesnt glue work? Is it bad for your skin?

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      I think we’ll have to look the glue thing up. Haven’t seen jag around lately.

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      elmer’s glue disclaimer: when using elmer’s glue as a beauty treatment, one should make sure they are not allergic to the product. while i don’t know the statistics of “elmer’s glue allergy,” there is a chance that someone, somewhere, is allergic to the stuff. also, i would like to add that when applying glue to your face, it is not advisable to apply glue anywhere near the eyes to prevent the possibly hazardous “glued eye syndrome.”

      likewise for the mouth area.

      Homemade Facial Strips

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      Thanks for the research Kim!!!

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      I have to say I was a bit scared too when I read using Elmer’s glue for a face mask. It doesn’t “sound” right but it seems like this site says its ok so i’m debating whether to try it. Did any of you yet?

      More from that site:
      This substitute peel-off mask idea comes from Looking Good Newsletter.

      You know those strips you can buy to remove blackheads and dirt from your face? Yep, they’re not cheap. There is another way to achieve the same results and at a cost of pennies, or less.

      It’s Elmer’s Glue. You heard me, good old fashioned Elmer’s Glue that most of us grew up using for one thing or another.

      Apply a layer of glue on your face, concentrating on the nose area if that is a problem area for you. Let it dry completely and peel off as you would with a peel-off mask. Rinse what residue doesn’t come off when peeling.

      Feel your skin. Pretty nice, huh? Follow with a toner if you like.

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      I like the tomato idea and the baking soda paste too… might try those first…

      Here’s a homemade Biore strip recipe:

      1 cup sugar
      1/3 cup honey
      juice from 1/2 of a lemon
      2 tsp. of glycerin

      Place all the ingredients, except the glycerin, into a saucepan. Heat over medium/high heat until it reaches 240 degrees F. It will not work if it doesn’t reach 240 Degrees F.

      The “wax” will turn an amber color.

      Pour it into a small wide mouth jar, add 2 tsp. of glycerin, and stir well. After it cools to about 115 degrees F., apply a thin layer to the area you want with a stiff spatula or other utensil.

      Then, place a clean washcloth evenly over the area and press firmly. Let the “wax” cool even more before you pull the washcloth off. Finally, pull the washcloth off in a quick even manner, just like you would a Biore strip.

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      Sorry – I’m addicted to that site Kim, thanks!!

      It says you can use Scotch tape for blackheads too!! lol never thought of that!

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      So many ideas on here for clean pores. I don’t know about the tomato idea, they are pricey right now. We love tomatos, don’t want to waste it on that.

      But I would be interested in trying the glue idea, it’s cheaper, and would last alot longer than a tomato would.

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      I remember using elmer’s glue to make “skin” in school.

      Anyways, what site did you guys refer to? Was is Elmer’s offical site or some other?

      Thanks for all this great info,

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      I think I would be a little nervous using a tomato on on my face. They have a lot of acid and sensitive skin might not react well to it.

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      anyways, what site did you guys refer to? was is elmer’s offical site or some other?

      not sure what site was used for the initial information but here is a site that i had found that gave reasons of caution for using the glue.
      Homemade Facial Strips

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