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      Difficulty: Average

      Age: 7 and up

      What you’ll need:
      Toaster pastry box, or one of similar shape and size (recommended: Pop Tarts box)
      Construction paper
      Tacky glue
      Pennies, pebbles or modeling clay
      Photographs of all family members (get permission from your parents first)
      Fine-tip permanent marker (recommended: Sharpie marker)

      How to make it:
      The top of the box (with flaps intact) will be the top of the house.
      Decide what color you would like your house to be and cover the outside with construction paper. Leave three extra inches of construction paper at the top all the way around (where the flaps are – see figure 1).
      Cut slits in the construction paper at the top corners, so that the paper can fold like the flaps can. Glue the construction paper to the flaps.
      Trim the pictures into rectangular windows, or you may decide to cut carefully around the person’s picture (sort of like a paper doll) and glue that to a rectangular piece of white paper to make a window.
      Decorate the house, placing the windows and a door. You might want to include your family name, a message and the year.
      Put pennies, pebbles or the modeling clay in the bottom of the box to give the project some weight and keep it from falling over.
      Fold corners of the big flaps of the top of the box inward to make an upside down “v”. Fold the corners inward, but leave them sitting like tabs, so that you can glue the roof to them. Fold the small flaps down inside the box.
      Decide what color you would like your roof to be and cut the construction paper to cover it. Glue it on and then add any details you would like to your house, i.e., window boxes, shutters, flowers, ivy or anything else you like!
      To make birds, like the one sitting on our roof, glue together two colorful pom-poms, one smaller than the other. Next glue on the end of a feather (or make one from felt or construction paper, a triangle will work). Add a small orange triangle for the beak.
      Choose photographs where each family member is alone, and try to find ones that are approximately the same size.
      Use silk flowers as a fun three-dimensional accent, or make your own from construction paper or craft foam.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Mothers Day & Fathers Day Home Sweet Home Photo Gallery