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      want to thank this group for answering all of my seemingly never ending
      questions. I am considering home schooling my 10 year old daughter next year.
      She is bullied at school and has turned very, very angry, and takes it out on
      her younger sisters. She is in the gifted program, but is still ridiculed
      daily. Can those who home school email me either on or off list and give me
      some ideas on where to start. I am scared I will be so overwhelmed and
      unqualified to teach her. I am going to google home schooling and joining some
      yahoo groups, hopefully some that will be recommended with the responses I will
      receive. I am really worried about her, she is so really angry and we are
      really involved in church but that is not keeping her grounded. I worry she
      will be one of those kids who get picked on and picked on and finally explode.
      I have been to her principle multiple times, and have begged her counselor
      (which is a joke) to see her regularly.

      you all for taking time from your busy schedule to help the clueless like me
      trying to do the best for their children.

      sincere thanks,

      in OK

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