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      I totally agree with Jennifer. Karate has done wonders for my two

      boys. They are husky kids, and were intimidated by other kids in

      school who are regarded as the “popular” ones. With the help of

      karate, and of course, Mom and Dad’s constant reassurance that they

      are going to be healthier soon, they have blossomed and made friends.

      They are not so intimidated any longer. Karate is not just a form of

      exercise for us, it has helped instill the right values in our

      children, from an outsider’s view. The instructers like to “put the

      blame” on themselves for having to learn to be responsible children.

      they work very close along side of the parents and only want what is

      best. I would venture to say that in my experience, their karate

      teachers have been more concerned with my kids than their

      teachers/counselors at school. I hope that your situation improves.



      In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, Jennifer Huff wrote:


      > Melissa,

      > I do not home school, but I wanted to make a suggestion(for


      > you homeschool or not). My daughter who is in 3rd grade(also


      > started kindergarden with a strong self-esteem and after the girl

      > bullies got done with her, her self-esteem was terrible! The kids

      > were awful. Nine months ago, my daughter started Kempo Karate. Her

      > Sensi is amazing! Not only does he advocate standing up for

      > themselves (verbally first, self-defense only if necessary), but


      > progressing from one belt to another and learning how to defend

      > herself, she has now stood up to many bullies in the school


      > only) and her self-esteem has skyrocketed! She doesn’t come home

      > crying everyday and she is even standing up for other kids in


      > that are getting picked on. And not once has she ever laid a hand


      > foot) on anyone! Is there a Karate school near you? It is


      > disipline and even though it costs $99/month for 3 days a week, it


      > well, well, well worth it to see my daughter happy and confident!

      > Good luck and email me off line if you want to talk more.

      > Jennifer


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