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      I do not home school, but I wanted to make a suggestion(for whether

      you homeschool or not). My daughter who is in 3rd grade(also gifted)

      started kindergarden with a strong self-esteem and after the girl

      bullies got done with her, her self-esteem was terrible! The kids

      were awful. Nine months ago, my daughter started Kempo Karate. Her

      Sensi is amazing! Not only does he advocate standing up for

      themselves (verbally first, self-defense only if necessary), but by

      progressing from one belt to another and learning how to defend

      herself, she has now stood up to many bullies in the school(verbally

      only) and her self-esteem has skyrocketed! She doesn’t come home

      crying everyday and she is even standing up for other kids in school

      that are getting picked on. And not once has she ever laid a hand(or

      foot) on anyone! Is there a Karate school near you? It is wonderful

      disipline and even though it costs $99/month for 3 days a week, it is

      well, well, well worth it to see my daughter happy and confident!

      Good luck and email me off line if you want to talk more.


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