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      Melissa, I understand your concerns! You sound like me 2 years ago. I felt so unqualified to teach my kids. I found that I learned right along with them. Even when it was material I had learned in school, I had forgotten most of it LOL. I worked side by side with them to find the answers. At 10, your daughter will become very inquisitive. As she asks questions about what she is learning, it’s ok to say “I don’t know, but let’s find out together”. She will learn to be an ‘active learner’, something public education will not teach them! As you Google to find your answers, you will bond wonderfully. (and find a ton of good education websites.) She may not be grounded by going to church right now, but as you become closer & closer in your relationship, she will start to be grounded by your relationship, and watching you be grounded in church, she will be also, eventually. You have the most
      important qualification of all to educate your daughter. You DESPERATELY care for her every need. Only you will go to the effort to make sure she is ok. You’ve already found that the school and the counselor are limited in their ability to help. You are the one who will care so much that you will improve her situation. You don’t need to be perfect!!! You don’t even need to be highly educated in the field of homeschool. You will figure it out over time. Your daughter will look back and see that Mom took care of her when others didn’t, and that Mom took a stand to protect her when she needed it most. Even if you barely get through the academics while you are learning, she will learn more from you than from the school. I found that the school moves on in a subject without concern for thecomprehension of each student. You can work at her pace. You said your daughter is gifted, imagine her excitement when she can
      explore all the cool things she has wanted to learn (when she usually had to be bored while the class caught up)Many colleges offer dual credit high school/collegecourses for when she is older, My high schooler has the chance to get her associates degree by the time she graduates high school, at less than 1/6th to normal college tuition, because she’s still a high school student! There are amazing things you will learn together, and learning together is the best way! You will enjoy this freedom so much!! Have fun, Have faith in God to supply your every need and have faith in yourself & your daughter to do a fantastic job of exploring this together. By the way, the schools will frown on your choice to homeschool, and probably be critical. (as well as your mother and/or mother-in-law) I got my mom to chill out by incorporating her (without her even realizing it) I had my kids spend
      a day with Grandma baking and “stamping” (my mom’s hobby). I praised my mom for being a great art teacher and home econ. teacher. Grandpa has spent a fewdays teaching woodcrafts and restoring old cars, gardening and voluteering at the United Way. These are the thing my folks do, and by taking my kids along, they taught them so much! And as a special reward to you, the kids go away to grandma & grandpa’s house for a few days, and you get peace :):):)
      I hope this helps. My daughter just recomended a good websit for you to see…. http://www.funbrain.com It’s great for a 10 yr old. Have fun, Hanna in Indiana
      The Victors wrote:

      I want to thank this group for answering all of my seemingly never ending questions. I am considering home schooling my 10 year old daughter next year. She is bullied at school and has turned very, very angry, and takes it out on her younger sisters. She is in the gifted program, but is still ridiculed daily. Can those who home school email me either on or off list and give me some ideas on where to start. I am
      scared I will be so overwhelmed and unqualified to teach her. I am going to google home schooling and joining some yahoo groups, hopefully some that will be recommended with the responses I will receive. I am really worried about her, she is so really angry and we are really involved in church but that is not keeping her grounded. I worry she will be one of those kids who get picked on and picked on and finally explode. I have been to her principle multiple times, and have begged her counselor (which is a joke) to see her regularly. Thank you all for taking time from your busy schedule to help the clueless like me trying to do the best for their children. My sincere thanks, Melissa in OK
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