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      Just wondering if anyonne here has any experience in this area… We bought a
      house 15 months ago; it was inspected and there had been a few leaks in the
      roof. All were dormant. We finally decided to replace a board up there that had
      been damaged from the previous leak. Called a roofer and paid him 375.00 to
      take out the old rotten piece of board and replace and reshingle that spot. Lo
      and behold, 2 months later after all of these rains, all leaks are now active
      (and I mean QUITE active!), to the point that water was pouring out of my
      upper cabinets that devide the kitchen from the LR. Now, this was after he had
      returned once to “fix” a brand new leak that has left a stain about 3 feet long
      on our ceiling. Also, the other spots where the leaks were are wet again and
      staining. In one place, the white gravely stuff is falling off the ceiling. He
      came out to “fix” this leak once again, said he siliconed the area in the attic
      where my DH had marked where water was dripping from the roof. I noticed that
      he wouldn’t look at me when he was telling me all that he did. He told me he
      was gong to go get some tar and put it on the roof. I told him just to wait
      and I would call him Monday. (Didn’t want anything else messed up.) DH went up
      there last night to check the silicone patch and there was no silicone up
      there. Had another roofer come today and basically told us we paid him for
      My question is what are my rights? We have these new stains and very active
      leaks only because they replaced that board. The cabinets that are attached to
      the ceiling have about a one inch shadow around them now, both in the kitchen
      and LR. This is also new. I am fearful of what might be lurking above the
      cabinets. I would like tham to be torn out anyway, but not because of water
      damage. How much of the repairs should this guy have to pay for? And how do I
      him to pay? Small claims? By the way, where the board he replaced in the roof
      is…you can look in the attic in the daytime and see sunlight through it. If ya
      can see the light, the water can get through, right? DUH.
      TIA to anyone who might know where to point me in the right direction,
      Lea, NC

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