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      They do work.
      Acidophilus Take four acidophilus capsules three or four times a day
      with milk. The milk is an activating culture medium for the bacilli.
      This will soothe the sore and speed up healing. If you do this when
      you feel a burning or itching at the onset of the cold sore, this
      remedy may inhibit the formation of the lesion.

      Aloe When the tingling starts, try rubbing juice from an aloe plant
      on the affected area. If you are traveling, take a bottle of aloe
      gel with you just in case a sore begins. This remedy is especially
      effective if used at the first sign of a cold sore, but will also
      stop it later on, too, and will begin the healing process
      immediately and keep the sore from “blossoming.”

      Chaparral Native Americans used the herb chaparral (Larrea
      tridentata) as a remedy for colds and viruses, arthritis, burns,
      sores and other problems. Recently a company has patented a product
      called Larreastat derived from chaparral that has proven very
      effective in deactivating certain viruses, relieving inflammation
      and clearing up certain skin conditions. The product comes in
      capsules and a spray, which provides almost instant relief from cold
      sore pain.

      Cornstarch Apply a cornstarch paste.

      Camphor Have your pharmacist mix up some spirits of camphor and dab
      it on the sore with a cotton ball.

      dmso (dimethyl sulfoxide) dab it on the sores twice daily with your
      fingers or a cotton ball. it stops the growth of the virus by
      penetrating right to the center of the herpes infection. see our

      grapefruit seed extract (gse) – mix a few drops of gse with aloe or
      another liquid, such as olive oil, and dab it on to the sore. gse is
      very strong, so use sparingly!

      ice another method to ease the pain is to rub an ice cube on the
      sore for a few minutes. this is especially good to do at the onset
      of a cold sore. apply ice every ten minutes for an hour.

      process may prevent the movement of the virus from the nerve to the

      lemon balm (melissa officinalis) german studies indicated that an
      extract of lemon balm reduced symptoms and sped the healing process.
      see mint remedy below.

      lomatium (lomatium dissectum) has a long history of use by native
      americans. research suggests that it may be effective against
      viruses and is a prime infection fighter. use an extract instead of
      a tincture to avoid getting a full-body rash.

      combine equal parts of tinctures of echinacea, calendula, oats,
      burdock, and lomatium and take 1/2 teaspoon four or five times a

      This combination of herbs will boost the immune system, soothe
      inflamed tissues, remove toxins from the body, and kill viruses and
      Lysine Many people have reported that taking the amino acid L-lysine
      has prevented or lessened the duration of their cold sores.
      Apparently, the herpes virus uses another amino acid, arginine, to
      grow and replicate while lysine inhibits the virus’ ability to
      replicate itself.

      Reduce your intake of arginine-containing foods as
      mentioned above. If you get sores frequently take 1,500 to 3,000 mg.
      daily as a preventive measure. When you feel a sore coming on, take
      3,000 mg daily until the sore crusts over.

      Experiment with the
      dosage until you find one that inhibits recurrence by reducing the
      amount until you find the optimal maintenance dosage, perhaps to 300-
      600 mg. Lysine may also be applied topically to the sores. If you
      get a cold sore, taking lysine should shorten the time you have it
      considerably, generally within five days.

      Consult your medical
      practitioner regarding your intake of lysine, especially if you are
      pregnant or nursing. No amino acid in large doses should be taken
      for long periods of time. Take the lysine between meals, preferably
      on an empty stomach.

      Mint A topical application of an extract of the mint family herb
      Melissa officinalis will speed healing of the sore, often within
      five days.

      Myrrh Try a tincture of myrrh to relieve the pain.

      Sage Make a tea by adding two or three leaves to a cup of boiling
      water; steep; add one teaspoon of powdered ginger. Drink several
      cups a day until the sores are cleared up.

      Tea Steep an ordinary tea bag (preferably Earl Grey) in boiling
      water for a few minutes; cool; then apply to lesions. Within four or
      five days the lesions should crust over and disappear.

      Vaseline Vaseline will help ease cracking and dryness.

      Yogurt Yogurt is high in lysine. Most commercial yogurts however
      have gelatin (may induce a cold sore outbreak) as a thickener, so
      make sure you read the label! Natural food stores carry gelatin-free

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