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      My Mom had several she used when I was little. One was an indigestion type
      thing. She made you drink a glass of water that had a tsp. of baking soda in
      it. You burped like crazy, but that usually made you feel better. Another one
      was if you really were nauseous, but had not thrown up, she made you drink a
      glass of water with a tsp. of salt in it. That made everything come up, and
      then you usually felt better.

      And, one thing she really believed in was fresh air. No matter if it was
      snowing or raining, and it could have been below zero but all bedrooms had one
      window that was opened at least a crack. She claimed you slept better with
      fresh air. If you were cold just put more bedding on the bed.

      Her other things were a diet for a sick person. Was usually broth, Jell-O
      and poached egg on toast. The egg on toast made me sick to just think of it. I
      hated poached eggs then.

      She also had some kind of ointment that a local Dr. had made years before.
      The only ingredient I remember that apparently was in it was Carbolic acid. I
      think that was it. Any kind of scrape had a clean rag soaked in that smelly
      stuff and then it was wrapped around it. I remember once playing in a wading
      pool at a neighbors and coming home with a red streak running up my leg from a
      little scratch. She dosed me up and the streak was gone by morning. I would
      be scared to death to try something like now. I would be thinking of blood
      poisoning or something like that.

      Also she used lots of mercuricome and Vaseline, and vicks vapor rub was
      rubbed on chests and backs for colds.


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