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      Home Remedies

      I have been reading with interest the letters on home remedies. Are
      there any remedies that are safe for small children? I have a
      granddaughter that has been coughing, running nose (some), low fever on
      and off around 2 weeks now. My daughter called the doctor and they told
      her to give her another day and see how she was. She has not been to
      the doctor this time. She has been in the past this winter with ear
      infections and what the doctor said was just viruses. One time this
      winter the doctor said she had the systoms of an ear infection but she
      didn’t have an ear infection and where she told her back a few days
      later because she wasn’t better and saw another doctor at the same
      doctor office they told her my granddaughter ear drum had ruptured. She
      seems to have been sick a lot this winter and on into this spring. I
      wonder if she has a low immune system. She is very dark under her eyes
      so I think she has alleries. She stays at a daycare center while her
      mother works so I know they pick up a lot of germs there. Any help
      anyone could give me would be appreciated.

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