home made cat food?

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      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Nan” wrote:
      > I live in a wonderful area to “dump” cats and puppies off. >
      > —
      Hi Nan, i live in one of those wonderful drop off areas too
      (Fennville, MI). The least expensive dried pet food i’ve found is at
      Sam’s Club.

      You’ll never guess what got dropped off last week. A 3
      1/2 month old pure breed Golden Retriever! I thought for sure someone
      would claim him.

      We put up signs, ad in paper, report at the shelter
      and humane society, called vets, called breeders… When i spotted
      him in the road i couldn’t tell if the car had dropped him off or
      not. I guess they did.

      When we took him to our vet to get him scanned
      to see if he was microchipped they gave us a weeks supply of puppy
      food. They usually do that for us knowing we don’t keep puppy food on
      hand. You could ask the vet if they have any extra free sample bags
      that companies sent them.

      We got heartworm pills for 4 dogs for three
      years that way. We’ve found a good home for the puppy. Did you see on
      the news about the puppies in Holland?

      I don’t know what is wrong
      with people. Cindy in MI

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