home made cat food?

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      I can’t help you with the food recipe, but I know that the county
      shelter here will help anyone feed their animal if there is a
      problem. I contacted them with a nutrition issue I had with a dane
      that was skinny and they GAVE me about 80 to 100 Lbs. of free high
      quality food as “samples” to try to get her to gain some weight.
      You may want to contact the shelter and see if they may be willing to
      let you have a certain ammount of food for the homeless animals and
      see about setting up a spay/neuter program to keep the stray problem
      from getting worse for you…

      Just an idea.
      I have seen 10 stray kitties turn into 50 really fast in a couple of
      areas where I live. It is a sad sad situation.
      Good luck with them.

      Does anyone have the recipe she uses? I live in a wonderful area
      to “dump” cats and puppies off.

      Shelters won’t take any of the cats/kittens because they are so full,
      main reason I get them dumped here I guess.

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