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      Another trick that works to prevent them is to oil your kid’s scalp. Sounds
      dirty, but, take some vitamin E oil, grapeseed oil or jojoba oil – light carrier oils. Put some lavendar and or tea tree essential oil in it – a few drops of each per ounce of oil.

      If your child has really dry hair and scalp, you could even use vaseline as the base. Then at night, after shampooing and drying hair, part their hair and rub this in all over.

      Lice can’t stick to the scalp when it is a bit greasy. You will have to shampoo a lot, or not – if the hair is on the dry side, it might not be that big a deal. I learned this in beauty school.

      I went to a school that was very mixed ethnically, and when we were studying about lice, the instructer said, you need to know this, but, you won’t see much if any in our clinic, but commented that if we were in the branch we would. Of course, she was asked why, and she said, because the majority of the customers at our school were African American and they rarely get them. This was fascinating and she was asked why.

      Because of the various chemicals they have to use on their hair, they tend to have very dry scalps. The various scalp treatments are oily enough the lice won’t stick on them. So, actually, you could buy scalp treatments for dry scalp and use that.

      She was correct. During the first half, while at that school, there was not one single case. Midway I switched to the other school to get some experience on white hair, and it was constant.

      we had to really be careful and check our clients. (this is making me itch so bad, lol) i wore my hair up in a tight french twist every day, (i have/had long hair and was worried).

      i have some friends that swear by putting the essential oils in detangling spray – it stays in, they smell good and it repels them.

      home permanents and hair dye will not kill lice. you would be amazed how many people would try that, and then come in to have us fix the bad perm or dye job, with a lousy head. i have no first hand experience with any of the natural treatments, but, some people swear by them.

      once it gets in a school it can spread like wild fire, and, no one should feel bad. if your kids get it, you must be keeping them super clean.


      from: janet schmidt
      date: fri may 9, 2003 7:39 pm

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