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      One thing I’m noticing as I go through and post these, is that people are only stressing nit removal with home remedies. No lice killing product actually kills nits. Nits are eggs that will hatch, and because the product won’t kill the egg, they DO need to be removed.

      I got lice horribly from a friend in the 5th or 6th grade, and we didn’t realize who I was getting it from at first, so I kept getting it back, over and over again! My parents invested in one of the metal tooth nit combs, which can be purchased by the actual otc shampoo’s. the plastic ones provided aren’t as strong, and will break off tine’s if you hit a snarl.

      nits tend to attach at the hairline, and you can see them with a good light and the naked eye. they “glue” themselves to the hair, and will not just slide off the hair shaft. you can squeeze them to pull them off, but the comb works much better.

      head lice can not jump, hop, or fly, and require human blood to live. they can not live for more than 24-48 hours off a human host. However, because they can lay eggs on items such as stuffed animals and linens, washing in hot water and drying in hot air is recommended, as well as leaving the items locked away in an air tight container (garbage bags work well), for up to 2 weeks. A louse egg hatches in 7-10 days.

      It stands to reason that an egg “glued” the same day as you find the lice will have hatched and died within 12 days if kept away from a human “host”.

      Several people have talked about lice being resistant, or using one chemical product after another. Head Lice Organization recommends against using several chemicals. Chemicals in any form are never good for us, and using them repeatedly (especially on children) prolongs the exposure, and the chance for something bad to happen.

      Any chemical product should be used with extreme care and caution.

      Before trying your hand at any home treatment for this, or using over the counter or even prescribed treatments, take 10 minutes to read through this website:


      Also, if using Tea Tree Oil, the higher the concentrate, the better the results. A study on it’s use shows that at 10% concentrate, 70 lice were found dead, and 11 alive still. At 1%, none were dead, and 50 were found alive still.

      Here is a list of don’ts when using any pesticide type chemical treatment:

      don’t use shower caps and never leave the product on longer than directed.
      don’t use a prescription product containing the pesticide lindane.
      don’t use a chemical treatment on or near the eyes.
      don’t use a head lice treatment on a baby.
      don’t use lice sprays.
      don’t buy products that are packaged with lice sprays.
      don’t treat individuals who are not infested.
      don’t use treatments to prevent head lice.

      lice sprays have a product in them called lindane, which is a highly toxic chemical which is consistantly listed as one of the most toxic chemicals. this chemical can cause a lot of problems, and is currently being looked into for permenant banning in any products like this, or the shampoo’s.

      i hope this thread helps out when it’s needed! if you have any information not already shared here, please feel free to add to it.

      gilly bean

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