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      Yes, We use garlic supplements- the kind that are like gel type with liquid in them so yes it can be potent!! Adding parsely etc to the diet-(fresh) can help or cloriphyl

      I don’t use this regimen all the time but when I hav, I’ve noticed I need alot of deodorant when I do- I am one of those people who rarely sweats alot and I have never had a body odor problem nor does my dh until we start taking alot of garlic supplements(i don’t notice it when i just eat alot of garlic added to my foods) i notice when we take alot of supplements we both need to use more deodorant etc(this is the effect you are looking for to repel mosquitos etc).

      garlic from what i’ve read is soo potent it flushes toxins and poisons out of your system (which is one of the reasons your breath or body odor increases) if you take it in large amounts. it has antibacterial, and antibiotic properties. back in the days when i was more brave i actually ate at least one raw clove a day but it gave me the worst of stomach aches over time.

      i hear roasted garlic ends up being more mild yet you can still benefit from many of garlic’s properties. i would suggest to anyone who gets eaten by mosquitos to try garlic supplements over the summer months etc. you don’t have to do it year round, also add vinegar to your diet via rinsing your hair int he shower with white vinegar or consuming alot of salad made with oil and vinegar (and garlic lol) dressing.

      it really does work!!

      from: “kim”
      date: wed may 14, 2003 1:02 am

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