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      Hi Everyone,

      Having head lice is no fun. I’ve had to deal with for a year and a half. We would get rid of it and then my brother-in-law would visit with his kids and then reinfest everyone.

      I had to get to the point and tell him we were getting the head lice from his children and that he needed to take care of them. I was so stressed over this. I have four children and once we got them it took several months to get rid of them.

      I tried a lot of products but I’ve found that Nix was the best because it didn’t dry your hair out and didn’t leave the kids hair in knots. I also found that if you buy a cat flea comb it gets out more lice and nits than the one they provide in the box. I also keep an extra box of Nix and a flea comb around.

      My brother-in-law hasn’t visited since last year and we haven’t had a problem.

      I hope this help and my thoughts are with those who are going through this. It’s no fun. I do suggest that you check heads every day.


      From: Selbshome
      Date: Thu May 15, 2003 6:53 am

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