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      Don’t waste your money on Rid or anything like it. All lice are now immune to it. When my daughter got it, she had long hair past her shoulder blades that was black.

      (the school was infected, but did nothing about it). We finally did this, but it is time consuming. Every morning and every night, we combed through her hair.

      Every hair that had a nit (egg) on it was cut above the nit and put in the toilet, then flushed. You need to check everyone in your house.

      Vacuum twice a day. Wash everything that can be washed in hot water and put in a dryer. If it cannot be washed, put it in a black trashbag and seal it for 2 weeks.

      Wash sheets, pillowcases, towels, etc. every day. also, vacuum your car every day.

      they have a life cycle of about 2 weeks, so it will take that long for them to be totally gone. I am absolutely sure they are resistant. I used it on my daughter, and when I parted her hair, they were all alive.

      We tried everything on the market. Another way to keep them at bay is to take a garlic pill everyday. A year later, when they came back, everyone in her class had them but her, including the teacher and 2 substitute teachers.

      Lori Goltl

      From: “The Goltls”
      Date: Sun May 11, 2003 12:30 pm

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