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      I’ve been reading this thread and unless I’ve missed it- no one has suggested calling your doctor. They can prescribe more potent treatments then over the counter treatements like rid -this is just my understanding from a friend who had to deal with this. also for future prevention not just from lice but from ticks and mosiquitos- the more garlic you eat and the more vinegar you consume the better.

      my dh boss gives his horses vinegar in their water and swears it helps them repel horse flies etc. i have started giving it to my dogs and cat. just a tbsp in their bowl of water daily.

      i made my dh go on garlic last summer about 3 weeks before his annual fishing trip where they usually come home bitten to shreds from mosquitos- the west nile virus was here and its all we heard about. He noticed a huge difference and it was visible how he was barely bitten at all compared to the year before and he thinks the garlic may have been the deciding factor. hth

      kim in co
      from: “kim”
      date: mon may 12, 2003 11:56 pm

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