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      I agree with Rachel, you really do have to do all those things, bag up the stuffed animals, spr;ay and vaccuum upholstery, spray your car upholstery and roof of car, wash all bedding in very hot water. Treat backpacks. Lice don’t live long off a human, but long enough to be transfered.

      We dealt with this two years ago and it was one of the most stressful things we have ever dealt with.

      I do not know about the tea tree oil: I am curious to know what it consists of, as the many “natural” remedies we found in doing extensive research don’t have good track records. (I’m not saying they’ve never worked for anyone.) The thing is you’ve got to kill the buggers, and then pick every single nit (egg) of the hair shaft…the combs they sell are not fine toothed enough for fine hair. We bought a pet comb–very fine toothed which helped, but the combing just helps you find them, doesn’t necessarily pull them off (I think it must depend on how fine your hair is.

      ) You still have to pick them off with your fingernails. We were dealing with very long fine hair. We tried over the counter remedies; they did not kill the nits (though the box said they would, apparently some strains of lice have become immune to otc) and it came back two weeks later and we had to repeat the process.

      at that point we picked off nits one by one, but with fine blond hair they were very hard to see. we went to the doc (required before we could return the kids to school) and in their office light they (and we) could see some that did not show up in home light. we returned home to try again, knowing that otcs didn’t work well, but unwilling to try kwell, which apparently is very effective but banned in britain because of neurological problems caused by it’s use in some cases.

      ultimately we used ovide, suggested by a doctor friend, it was effective. it stinks though, and has to be left on over night. (we still picked nits off one by one–i’d never thought before about the derivation of that word nitpicking.)

      several people suggested coating hair with mayonnaise or oil, wrapping it and leaving on over night. i think the idea is that it smothers the lice. i don’t know about that but know that you still need to pick off the eggs.

      you have to be diligent and set aside time to check and to nit pick, and check twice a week indefinitely after you’re free. the process lasted from august to thanksgiving the year we had it. i say “we” but it was actually only one child–it felt like it was the whole family.

      a good site is https://www.headlice.org . there your kids can play jail louse rock–at least two years ago they could……..and you will learn more than you ever wanted to know about headlice. we used books on tape to get us through the tedious task of regular headchecks.

      i hope i’m not just repeating what has already been said. my sympathies
      to whoever is dealing with this and hope you find solutions more easily
      than we did.


      from: daniel and alice s peterson
      date: sun may 11, 2003 10:06 pm

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