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      My sister has extremely long thick hair….she got it and it was terrible, but my mom conquered it. This year my best friend’s daughter got it and kept on getting it for over 2 months straight until she listened to me…..ok, so here we go. I swear this works!!!!!

      first of all you need to take all the stuffed animals in the house, pillows, cushions etc. and put them all in plastic bags.

      spray with the lice spray and close them….do not open for 2 weeks!!!! This is very important!!!!! Take all the clothes in the house (all of them) and put them in a pile.

      this includes bed clothes….curtains too if you can!!!

      go get in the shower, kids first and wash their hair with this recipe….do not use the store bought stuff…..it can cause braindamage and death (and my sister’s scalp had scabs from it and the lice and the scratching) get a bottle of very cheap shampoo. get a bottle of tea tree oil (wal-mart $4); take the bottle of shampoo and dump half of it into a seperate container for later; dump all of the tea tree oil into the shampoo you are going to use…..shake well. Put the shampoo into the kids hair.

      do not rinse yet!!!! put a shower cap on them and let them out, now your turn same thing. if you can have someone come and get your kids…..wonderful!!!!!

      now, you have to wash all the clothes and stuff in the pile in as hot of water as you can (or go to laundry mat….good idea, can get all done at once!!!) when clothes are done, put in plastic bags and tie off just until you can get the rest of the house done! ok. vacume your couches, beds, floors…..take the vacume outside and vacume out your car.

      spray the car with the lice spray…roll up windows and leave car alone for 24 hours. Don’t take the vacume in yet, take the bag off and throw it away outside….dont take it inside!!!!! Now that that is done, spray the matresses with the lice spray.

      Now, you can put the clean clothes on the bed and put away etc. Rinse out the shampoo stuff, and do the same with conditioner….same thing with the tea tree oil. Once the conditioner is in your hair, comb through with the lice comb, every strand of hair.

      When done rinse…do not shampoo with plain shampoo right after, that defeats the purpose.

      The tea tree oil shampoo and conditioner that you have made will help prevent future lice infestations. If you have pets, you may want to attempt to treat them too! My best friend was getting ready to shave her daughter’s head.

      After she listened to me, it has not come back. When kids are in school, or around other school age kids, wash their hair with the tea tree stuff once a week, reg stuff for all the other washings. Try this, if this doesn’t work nothing will!!!!

      Save yourself a lot of time and energy by trying this first….the others just plain don’t work. Hope this helps!


      From: “Rachel Thayer”
      Date: Fri May 9, 2003 10:43 pm

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