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      I have recently found a house we would like to buy. It is 2 times the size of my house but with the equity built up in my house we would only be increasing our mortgage by $10,000. Not to mention less money spent on irrigation, and pool chemicals for our inground pool. My concern is….I do not have the best credit rating. Went through a divorce5 years ago and still “rocked” a little from it. My credit rating is around 600. My boyfreind of 4 years has Perfect credit..like in the 800s. Our problem is…he has ZERO income but the good credit rating. (he is a full time college student) I make $68,000 a year. We will be putting down $60,000 on a $170,000 house. If we are not married can we get a loan together with his good credit and my low debt to income ratio but BAD credit? Would it help or hurt if we are married?

      Thank you,

      Tressa in Washington

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