Homade Dish Detergent

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      Borax cost about 2.80 for a a 76 oz box. That comes to 3.7 cent per ounce. When you mix it with baking soda, the baking soda softens the water.

      So ,yes, it will disolve in hard water. Baking soda can be found ( Aldis) for 2 cent per ounce. Mixed together you have dishwasher detergent for 2.8 cent per ounce.
      Commercial dishwasher deterent ( cheap stuff) runs about 4.2 cent per ounce.

      You are saving 1.4 cent per ounce.

      That may not sound like much, but (for every155 ounce box worth) you are saving $2.17 It adds up.

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      Just curious…..does it clean as well as the brand name
      detergents? Approx. how much is a box of borax (and does it
      dissolve well in hard water?) Thanks.

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      > This is for automatic dishwashers

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