Homade Dish Detergent

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      Jane: I buy the 16 ounce bottle of Dove or Palmolive dish soap at the

      dollar store for about $1.10 and pour about 1/2 bottle of it into an


      16 ounce bottle and fill both bottles with cold tap water. It still

      makes suds after I add the water. One bottle lasts me about a month


      a little longer.

      However, I have a dish washer and there`s just me and my husband. The

      store brand dosen`t work for me, for it dosen`t suds on greasy pots

      and pans. After I wash the pots and pans with the store brand they

      have a greasy feeling to them.

      You might want to try this and see if works for you.


      — In Budget101_@yahoogroups.com, “Jane” wrote:


      > Does anyone happen to know how to make dish detergent. We go thru


      > much of the store bought that I am hoping that there is something I

      > could make to cut cost.

      > Thank You!!

      > Jane

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