Holly and Ivy in your wreath

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      When decorating your wreath this holiday season remember this:

      Holly – The prickly leaves represent the crown of thorns that Jesus wore when he was crucified. The berries are the drops of blood that were shed by Jesus because of the thorns. In Scandinavia it is known as the Christ Thorn.

      Ivy – Ivy has to cling to something to support itself as it grows. This reminds us that we need to cling to God for support in our lives.

      In pagan times, Holly was thought to be a male plant and Ivy a female plant. An old tradition from the Midlands of England says that whatever one brought into the house first over winter, tells you whether the man or woman of the house would rule that year!! But it was unlucky to bring either into a house before Christmas Eve.

      In Germany, it is traditional that Ivy is only used outside and a piece tied to the outside of a Church was supposed to protect it from lightning!

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      This I did already knew. 🙂

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      I knew part of it. Thanks again for the info

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      I knew about the Holly buy didnt know about the Ivy, glad to have learned something new!!!

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      So nice that you have shared this with everyone here. A forgotten or misplaced lesson for some. And a beautiful reminder for all.

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      Thank you JoAnn nicely put!!!

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      I learned this in grade school but had ‘misplaced’ my memory. Thanks for the reminder.

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      Your welcome Margaret…. 🙂

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      I love little historical tidbits like these! Thanks! 🙂

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      It always bring holiday spirit in the house when we read each other little goodies like this at Christmas time 🙂

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