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      What I did last year was to go to my bank (Wells Fargo) and get one of their Visa cards. There was no charge for it, you specify the amountand once the card is used thats it. That way my 17 y/o could use it for what she wanted.You use it just like an ATM. I don’t think that she could get cash with it and I was assured she was spending it on good things. Not that she would have done anything otherwise but she couldn’t lend $ to her friends either. My 15y/o gotgift cards for the things he does. Like $10.00 for movies, $5.00 for ice cream. That way he had enough for him and didn’t buy for all his friends. It worked out great and they loved it. You can take one of those frames that have a spot for numerous pictures (dollar store has them) and put the gift cards in the frame. If you want decorate the frame. It is really cute and than they always know where their gift cards are. (Hanging on the wall
      hopefully. Ginny

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