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      I may have mentioned this before….and you kinda need a LOT of time to get GC’s

      quick but they ARE free and once in awhile you get lucky and win cash (comes in

      form of a check). It is called and you play this lottery type game

      for points when you get 25,000 pts you get $25 GC, 50,000 pts $50 GC or 2 $25

      GC’s etc. Took me 6 months of playing and another 3 months to receive items to

      get 1 GC and $25 cash with hubby and I both playing under seperate accounts.

      By the way it’s 100 points if you refer someone and they sign up and then you

      get I think it’s 400 more points if they play 100 times.

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      I used to do the clearance thing for them only to find out they would either

      throw it out,

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