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      Teach your children NOW that money doesn’t matter. The cost of an

      item, the quantity of presents- that’s just material items. In the

      end, it’s having a family, and having a home that matters.

      Sit down and just talk with them and explain that you don’t put

      stock into the amount of money spent on a gift, that it’s the

      thought a person puts into that counts. As long as it’s still an

      item the person wants, there’s no reason to spend more money on it

      than you need to.

      As for people outside your immediate home (you, your spouse, your

      children), tell them that things are tight, and that you

      unfortunatly need to set a strict holiday budget, and recommend that

      to make it easier on others, that everyone sticks to a budget for

      the get-together/family gifts this upcoming year.

      You could also recommend or try to do some craft days.. have your

      neices/nephews/young cousins/etc come over and make simple crafts to

      give to relatives as a gift. Have the women in your family get

      together to make gifts to give each other as well.

      — In, “Anggie Thompson”



      > I’m already thinking about the holidays. The kids in the family

      all seem to

      > want $$$, but I am used to buying things on clearance, each

      costing much

      > less than $10. They always compare, how much did you get? I am not

      sure what

      > to do this year, give in to what the kids want or try to find

      stuff for

      > older elementary/pre-teens on clearance, which is harder & harder


      > year.


      > —

      > Anggie

      > Fight Breast cancer……no one should die from it


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