Holiday Safety for Pets

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      Holiday Safety for Pets
      Curious pets are inclined to eat everything in sight-even if it’s as indigestible as a tree ornament. Your pet could get sick or die from swallowing:
      • Sharp objects: Toothpicks, ornament hooks and bottle caps are just as harmful as chicken bones. And when the toothpick is meatball flavored or hook is attached to a candy cane, it’s hard for your pet to resist.
      • Large objects: Corks, small toys, tree decorations and fruit pits may be small enough for your pet to swallow, but too big to digest.
      • Stringy objects: The normal twisting of the gut causes long, thin objects to stuck in an animal’s intestine. In addition to such year-round hazards as foil, plastic wrap and dental floss, watch out for tinsel, ribbon, yarn and string used for popcorn or cranberry garlands. A mere 4 inches can be life threatening to your pet.
      • Food and Plant hazards: Poinsettia and Jerusalem cherry plants are poisonous to animals. And chocolate Santas can dehydrate your dog and make him vomit. Hook edible ornaments high on your tree and skip the toothpicks (USE PRETZEL STICKS INSTEAD) on the hors d’oeuvres unless you’re sure you can keep Rover out of harm’s way. If your pet does eat one of the above, call your vet immediately.
      • Rinse alcohol from drink glasses. If ingested, alcohol can make dogs, cats and birds violently ill.
      • Keep birds away from avocados; the coating on the pit is toxic to some species.
      • Keep chocolate away from dogs and birds. Even a small amount can be toxic.
      • Secure garage bags tightly to keep leftover bones, meat and roasting twine out of reach

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      Thanks great ideas… I can’t wait til Christmas (holiday) obvious…I am Christian

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