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      One of our favorite Holiday Gift ideas that we’ve shared on the site is Homemade Meal baskets. These are themed baskets that contain homemade mixes and small gifts to make a decent meal for a family.

      Check out our Gift Basket Meals for Ideas:
      Budget101.com – – Gift Basket Meals | Homemade Gift Ideas for Families

      Here’s the challenge, Create a Themed Meal Gift Basket using at least 3 homemade Mix recipes from our extensive Mixes Collection and other small items to include to make a family gift under $15.

      One random lucky recipient will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! If we get 100+ responses before Thanksgiving, we’ll also give away a Digital Pressure Cooker AND a Kitchenaid Mixer too! Good Luck and thanks for playing . . .


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      Mammy Needs a Kitchenaid mixer so I’m all in! My gift basket meal idea is a Tuscany Italian Basket. I’d take a gift basket or large pasta bowl and line it with a red cloth napkin.

      1. Good Season Italian Dressing Mix
      2. Italian Spaghetti Seasoning Mix
      3. Italian Bean Soup Mix

      I’d add a package of wooden or bamboo spoons and a pretty set of homemade recipe cards and include the recipe for Tuscan Chicken.

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      Ooh, after seeing all those recipes on Grocerybudget101.com last week for the pressure cooker, I want to play!

      Basket Name: Game Night Gift Basket

      Things I’d Include:

      1. [URL=”hthttps://www.budget101.com/side-dish-mixes/pizza-dough-mix-1485.htmltp://”]Homemade Pizza Crust Mix[/URL]
      2. Jar of Pizza Sauce
      3. Pizza Pan
      4. S’mores in a Jar
      5. Package of popcorn kernals
      6. Dill Popcorn Seasoning Mix
      7. 2 different Decks of Playing Cards, Uno, Phase 10, etc
      8. Brain Teaser Puzzle
      9. Homemade Scorecards personalized with the family members names

      Really you could add a couple different cookie mixes or a couple different popcorn seasoning mixes, or even a package of pepperoni. I’ve found card games at the dollar store, they don’t have all the great packaging as the ones in the big box stores, but they’re just as fun!

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      Hearty Winter Meal Basket
      1. Chili Seasoning Gift (just add meat, if desired, and tomato sauce)
      2. MYO Bisquick Gift (just add vegetable oil)
      3. Apple Mulling Spice Gift (just add sugar and wine or apple cider)
      4. Shortbread Cookie Mix Gift (just add butter)
      Warming and filling…

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      Holiday Meal Basket…I would put inside the nicely decorated basket:

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      My middle son has recently been sent to a remote location which has nasty winters. He’ll be a motel for months, with just a microwave and a mini fridge, and I already have a gift basket ready to mail for his birthday, which is on Thanksgiving Day this year. I have “set him up” for microwave meals on those blustery days when he won’t want to go out to a restaurant. His birthday gift basket includes:

      A 28 oz. microwaveable bowl
      A bowl-shaped microwaveable pot holder that I made (Yes, it goes into the MW oven with the bowl!)
      A microwaveable measuring cup
      Set of measuring spoons
      A fork
      Dishwashing Liquid
      Packets of spices and my own dehydrated veggies for several meals
      Several Ramen noodle packets
      Recipe for making more spice mix

      For Christmas, he’ll get even more. I’m on a roll! His next basket will get:

      A large thermal cup so his soup/ramen mixes can be made “to go”
      A microwaveable mug for several mug mixes, such as cake in a mug, and oatmeal with fruit, brownie in a mug
      A can of chili and beef ramen
      Spaghetti and dehydrated spaghetti sauce leather that I’ve made
      Mac and Cheese in a Mug mixes
      A can of chicken to add to soup mixes, including:
      Tortilla soup mix in his big bowl.
      One jar each of my own dehydrated onions and bell peppers, red and green, of course!
      Popcorn and a brown paper bag in which to nuke it
      A P51 military can opener on a key chain (I bought 15 of them at Amazon for gifting those of us who live in disaster-prone areas)
      Salt and Pepper shakers
      A bottle of Chipotle Tabasco
      Jar of sugar
      Soup Spoon and teaspoon
      Heavy gloves
      Warm knit cap
      A good book, because he loves to read
      His Mama’s love

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      I would do a New Year’s Day Breakfast basket. I would include pancake/waffle mix, syrup, maybe some homemade canned fruit (like apples with cinnamon), coffee, packaged pre-cooked bacon that doesn’t need refrigeration. Or instead of pancakes, biscuit mix, sausage gravy mix, and grits.

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      OOH!!! I would love to win either item! I love my current pressure cooker and have an Oster Stand Mixer…but to get an upgrade to either item would be the best Christmas/50th birthday present ever!!
      Here’s my basket:

      Soup for the Soul!

      1.9 bean soup mix
      2. Cornbread Mix

      I would include 4- 5 bowls, spoons, napkins, and a new muffin tin. I would place all in a nice stew pot. (all purchased from either the Dollar Tree or Walmart to save on cost)

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      I could sure use a digital pressure cooker.

      My baskets this year are “A taste of Natchitoches”. It’s a creole/Cajun theme.

      Included in the basket and all nestled in mardi gras beads:

      Included are my favorite recipes for gumbo and étouffée

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      Christmas Morning Breakfast Basket

      I would place a few Christmas themed mugs, paper plates and napkins in with the basket as well which you can normally find in the Dollar store. 😀

      This would be great for those couples (or families) that are sitting by the tree opening gifts and spending time together. It’s easy to make & serve and the last thing one needs to do on Christmas morning is cleaning up alot of dishes etc from breakfast when ya have a big Christmas Dinner to cook 😀

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      Basket Gift Name: Family Fun Baking Treats

      Use a Basket or Big Mixing Bowl that has been lined with cloth napkins or just tissue paper

      • Add 2-4 Cake Mixes, Cookie or Brownie/Bar Mixes
      • Add a fun shaped baking pan (with christmas trees or gingerbread men, etc)
      • Add A new set of potholders
      • Add Festive Colored Sprinkles (from the dollar store!)
      • Add Cookie Cutters
      • Add a “Frosting Mix”
      • Add a Set of Pretty Wooden Spoons
      • Homemade Recipe cards (empty to add their own recipes)

      Total cost of the gift is about $12 for a family

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      I would make a winter soup basket using several soup in a jar mixes. Chili, Beef Barley, Wild rice and Mushroom.

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      My family enjoys my Brat Stew, especially on a cold night. The basket would include
      Beer Bread Mix
      [url=”https://www.budget101.com/cake-mix-recipes/myo-red-velvet-cake-mix-4218.html’%5DRed Velvet Cake Mix[/URL]
      African Peppercorn Mix

      (This recipe can be adapted for a crockpot)
      Brown 1 Package of Brats (I use Johnsonville Beer Brats)
      Add 2 cubed potatoes
      1 large thick sliced onion (Vidalia if available)
      1 large green pepper thick sliced
      1 -3 plum tomatoes cubed
      Pinch of Salt and Pepper to taste
      1 can of beer (your choice, I use Pabst)
      Lightly Brown the potatoes till firm, then add onions & peppers, when nearly cooked, about 10 min. add tomatoes & beer.
      Make Bread & cake as directed. Great Meal!

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      It’s very cold in Alaska right now. (-25 this morning)I would start with veggie beef barley soup mix, and add the Parmesan herb biscuit mix and fudge brownie mix for dessert. I’d put it in a basket with 4 soup mugs and a soup ladle. This would warm the tummies of any of my friends or family on our cold winter nights

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      I think a fun and girly hostess gift would be a cherry themed basket! Along with the following mixes, I’d include items that are either red or have a cherry design on them. Items such a mugs, tea towels, silicone whisks, and spatulas would make this basket a real treat! I love this idea so much, I think I’ll go ahead and make a few to have on hand for impromptu gifts and parties.

      Cherry Hot Chocolate
      Budget101.com – – Cherry Hot Chocolate | Hot Chocolate Drink Mix Recipes

      The Cherry Berry Bread Mix
      Budget101.com – – Make your own Cherry Berry Bread Mix

      Fun Fruit Instant Oatmeal (with dried cherries)
      Budget101.com – – MYO: Instant Oatmeal – Various Flavors | Make Your Own Breakfast Mixes

      Cherry Almond White Chocolate Cheesecake Bar Mix
      Budget101.com – – Cherry-Almond White Chocolate Cheesecake Bar Mix

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      I am a Christmas Loving gal! So, I’d do a cute Christmas themed basket with:
      A Dreaming of a White Christmas Soup mix,
      The canned chicken
      Hot cocoa mix
      candy cane stix to use as straws in the hot cocoa
      a loaf of homemade french bread
      A couple yams
      a bag of Marshmallows
      Some homemade Christmas candies.

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      i could use a pressure cooker

      for the basket i would include:
      Make your own bread and dipping oil

      1 jar – with a sourdough starter in it
      1 bottle of good extra virgin olive oil
      1 pkg of dry Italian Seasoning
      1 bread knife
      1 small cutting board
      1 bread pan

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      I could use a pressure cooker, and my daughter could use a mixer, so win either way!

      new basket idea!
      i pick up baskets and cloths at the resale shops to save money, so i would use a few bucks on that. then i would make an indian themed basket!

      baggie of curry mix (2 T. curry powder, 1 T of each; tumeric, cumin, coriander, and 1 tsp. garam masala, all bought in bulk at the local whole food store)
      1 large can diced tomatoes
      1 onion
      1 can tomato paste
      1 bunch fresh cilantro
      1 bag of Naan bread (about $5 at Costco, or can make homemade)
      Recipe would be to dice the onion and brown in a couple tbsps olive oil, then add about 1 1/2 pounds of diced chicken and cook, then add tomato paste, tomatoes, then curry mix.

      Cook for about an hour on low. The last 15 minutes, add chopped cilantro. Serve with rice.

      And in the past, we have thrown a $5 Bollywood movie in, like Dil Bol Hadippa or Namastay London, two of our family’s faves)

      It’s unusual and goes over very well. As an aside, this is a great recipe to make and freeze, and great to take over to new moms, families with someone that has an illness, etc.

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      I do a variety, depending on family members, children, etc.
      movie night:
      1. Basket filled with popping corn/popcorn
      2. Homemade popcorn topping

      Coupons for free movie rentals OR the latest release I know they will like
      4. Homemade choc covered peanuts, raisins, and pretzel sticks
      5. A nice fleece throw blanket

      For those with kids or I’m not sure of all their interests:
      1. Cookie mixes (usually 3-4 varieties)
      2. Assorted cookie cutters

      Icing mix
      4. Flavored coffee and hot cocoa mixes
      5. New wooden spoons tied with ribbon

      For men
      1. 5qt soup pan
      2. Chili mix

      Chicken noodle soup mix
      4. Bean soup mix
      5. Several cornbread mixes (plain, Mexican/spicy, cheesy)

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      Ok I’m playing…

      I would do
      Garlic Bread Mix
      Beef Veggie Soup
      and Brownie Mix

      that sounds like a great winter meal 🙂

      I think I would include some a few soup cups, soup spoons, and a ladle…

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      I think the new year is a perfect opportunity for families to get together enjoying quality fun together but also looking back and ahead, sharing and creating vision as a family!

      Cozy Quality Time Basket
      1. Country Soup Mix
      2. French Honey Bread bead machine Mix

      Winter Soltice Tea mix
      4. Popcorn Seasonings Mix
      5. big mugs for both soup and then tea

      wooden soup spoons with ribbons
      7. rules for make your own charades
      8. trivia book that goes with holidays or relates to that family and their likes

      Time Capsule page for each family member to fill out relating to that year

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      We give baskets out at our club every year to the needy.
      We put a turkey, carrots, potatoes, corn, cranberry jelly, stuffing and some pies. We also give their kids a gift for xmas. I believe if every organization did this a lot of people would not go hungry.

      especially through the holidays!

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      Chocolate Lovers Christmas Basket
      1.Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Mix in a Mug
      2.Chocolate Peanut Butter Square Mix
      3.Chocolate Pudding Mix
      all in a basket with some extra candy bars to go with it…yummy!!

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      Stock the Kitchen Mix Basket:

      I would make my three most requested mixes and I would include 2 homemade potholders, a handmade dish scrubbie, a spatula, a bamboo wooden spoon, a glass 2 cup measure, and a set of measuring spoons. I believe I could get all that for $5 so I would then include a $10 gift card to the grocery store to get the supplies to make the dips. I would put it all in a basket I picked up at a thrift store or yard sale.

      It would be a hit of a basket. My husband is a personal trainer and I make these mixes for all his clients.

      Dry Onion Soup Mix in a quart mason jar with handmade label:
      2/3 cup dried, minced onion
      3 teaspoons parsley flakes
      2 teaspoons onion powder
      2 teaspoons turmeric
      1 teaspoon celery salt
      1 teaspoon sea salt
      1 teaspoon sugar
      1/2 teaspoon ground pepper
      Mix all ingredients in a jar, then give the jar a good shake. I’d recommend shaking the jar to mix the ingredients well before each use.
      Use 4 tablespoons in a recipe in place of 1 packet of onion soup mix. Store this in a dry, cool place.

      Ranch Mix in a quart mason jar with handmade label :
      5 tablespoons dried minced onions
      7 teaspoons parsley flakes
      4 teaspoons salt
      1 teaspoon garlic powder
      Mix together and store in an air tight container.
      For dressing: Mix 2 tablespoons dry mix with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup buttermilk or sour cream.
      For dip: Mix 2 tablespoons dry mix with 2 cups sour cream or Greek Yogurt.
      Mix up a few hours before serving, so the flavors all blend.

      Taco Seasoning in a quart mason jar with handmade label:
      1/2 cup chili powder
      1/4 cup onion powder
      1/8 cup ground cumin
      1 tablespoon garlic powder
      1 tablespoon paprika
      1 tablespoon sea salt
      Put ingredients into a jar and shake.

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      I love this idea!
      This is what I am making this year
      1. Teacher/Friend gift mug
      a. myo cake in a mug.

      the devils food is my choice this year
      b. myo orange cappuccino coffee mix. orange and devils food is a killer combination!

      myo muffin mix, i am adding pecans and the directions to turn it into pecan muffin mix.

      these are inexpensive small gifts to have handy. huge coffee mug with containers inside and all the directions! perfect for bachelors!

      the second set i am making up is for my family members.
      each of them will get the following.
      2. Family cold weather meal
      a. Soup mix, I plan to make Palouse Soup Mix

      Caribbean Tea Mix, just enough warm weather in this mix
      c. Bread Mix- Applesauce Quick Bread with my homemade applesauce that I canned this fall

      The Family Cold Weather Meal is going to go in Pyrex Salad Bowls or casserole dishes.

      The mugs and Pyrex that I am using will be coming from mothers home. Mom just passed after 93 very good years. She was a collector of many things!

      and since I have an excess number of mugs, bowls and casserole dishes that she had, well, this is a way to give those to family members and friends.


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      Holiday Gift Basket for under $15.00
      First I would pick up at a discount store, basket, red xmas towel, xmas coffee cup, xmas containers to hold soup and coffee mix in, several candy canes, red and green candy.
      Next I would prepare Christmas coffee mix in a jar, and then White Christmas Soup Mix. Then add White Chocolate cookie mix in a mug. Add a xmas ornament, put bow on mug and on top of basket.

      Stuff basket with tissue paper to make pretty, layer items around basket and attach candy canes to towel. Add a holiday card and give. Happy Holidays!

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      I would put together a basket with
      Atkins Shake & Bake
      Baked Beans Mix
      Parm Macaroni Mix

      add elbow macaroni
      picnic themed napkins (like gingham)
      matching disposable plates, from Dollar Tree
      a few candy bars or M&M’s for a sweet treat

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      flavored creamers
      peppermint tea
      gourmet coffee beans
      coffee mugs
      a few scones
      small packets of honey

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      I have been wanting to send some of these mixes to my Dad… He doesn’t cook very well and I thought some of the mixes would be an easy way for him to eat a bit better than frozen pizza! I really hate living so far away.

      Dad’s Gift Basket
      Potato Soup Mix in a mug – a few of these
      JIffy Cornbread Mix
      Streusel Coffee Cake Mix

      I’d also include some mugs, a 9″ sq baking pan, and a plastic spatula. Might even include some of the extra ingredients – depending on postage.

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      Dreaming of a White Christmas chicken noodle soup mix, with the required can of cooked chicken

      Focaccia mix, with the suggested container of pesto

      Cranberry Drops cookie mix

      If I had any money left over, I’d include some pretty cloth or paper napkins, and a holiday music CD.

      (can we still play if we live in Canada?)

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      Warm up with a hot drink!
      I’d make some of the drink mixes. The Cafe Vienna, Texas Hot Chocolate, Instant Cappuccino mix. I’d make enough for a jar of each. Create a cute label on each jar.
      I’d buy mugs at the dollar store, 1 for each family member.

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      MN Blizzard Survival Basket
      Winter Bean Soup Mix
      Beer Bread Mix
      Texas Hot Chocolate Mix
      6 pack of beer
      deck of cards
      2 mugs from the thrift store or dollar store

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      I would make a family move gift set. I would get a big colored bowl
      I would put 4 cups in the bowl to go with the Irish Cream Mocha. then I would put to new movie’s in the bowl. and the I would add Popcorn Crunch and Heavenly Hash popcorn then I would wrap the bowl in a colored wrap tie a ribbon on top with a tag to the family

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      csmile1 smilie As I sit here dreaming of a KitchenAid mixer, I start thinking of Cozy Comfort for a Cold night. coffeebath smilie

      I would start with Palouse Soup Mix being from the Palouse region I do have an affinity for lentil soup.

      Then I would add Parmesan Herb Biscuits Mix perfect for dipping into a nice hearty soup.

      For drink and dessert:
      Instant Cocoa Mix (the diabetic version due to all the diabetics in my life.)
      Diabetic Cinnamon Cookie Mix
      I would make a trip to the dollar store and purchase a couple nice Christmas mugs and bowls, put it all in a little gift basket along with a few sugar free candies.

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      What a fantastic giveaway!
      Here is what I would put in my book lover’s coffee basket:

      1. A Great Devotional Book
      2. A Journal
      3. A beautiful Pen
      4. 2 Oven Safe Mugs
      5. Vanilla Almond Coffee Mix
      6. Biscotti Mix
      7. Devil’s Food Cake in a Coffee Mug

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      My theme is Power Outage Preparation Basket. These items will provide a meal to fix on a wood fire as well as a few other items to help the unprepared to keep up their morale.

      Line a basket with a space blanket. Fill with these mixes:

      Cajun-Style Popcorn Mix (plus unpopped popcorn) – $0.60
      Vegetable Soup Mix – $1.09
      2-Ingredient No-Knead Bread Ingredients- $1.25
      Zucchini Bread baked in a Jar Mix- $1.84

      Also add:
      2 packets instant coffee – $0.46
      2 packets coffee creamer powder – $0.12
      2 packets sugar – (free – leftover from a restaurant visit)
      2 packets hot chocolate – $0.74

      12 tealights from Ikea $0.04ea – $0.36
      print out of instructions for how to turn tealights into a room heater – $0.05
      playing cards – $1.00
      rules to various card games (printed out from internet) $0.25
      2 light sticks – $2.00
      print out of instructions for how to turn a light stick into a room light from internet $0.05
      Manual can opener $2.69
      1 space blanket (plus 1 for liner and one for wrapping) – $3.00
      10 Home-made Waterproof matches $0.05

      The trick to keeping the costs as low as this is using home dehydrated and home canned items wherever possible as well as buying in bulk and/or on sale with coupon.

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      I would present a feasts of plenty basket. Included in a homemade newspaper weaves basket wood be soup mixes, like heart chili mix, 9 bean soup, noodles stew, I would also add several packs of crackers, homemade biscuit mix, corn bread mix, and dinner roll mix. Add ladle, spice mixes, recipe cards, and pretty ribbon you could use a thrift store crockpot or stockpot. I also like to buy the 5 dollar movies from the bins. Add chocolate chip cookie mix, popcorn flavoring mixes, and milled spice cider mix. You can add to either popcorn bucket from dollar store or make a bucket.

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      ” Holiday Meal Baskets. . . what goes inside? ” How about soup and cornbread
      Beef & Barley Vegetable Soup Mix
      Corn Bread Mix
      Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie Mix
      Put soup mix and corn bread mix in separate sealed bags. Cookie Mix layered in clear container layered to look pretty.
      Throw in a cookie sheet and a muffin pan. Put everything in a basket( I buy baskets at the goodwill store for $2.00 and $3.00 all the time) Add a pretty bow and voila dinner in a basket!
      By the way did I mention how much I want the digital pressure cooker?
      Happy posting!

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      wow I am so impressed I think your gift basket is fantastic. I obviously have a long way to go in the creative area but I am definitely stealing this idea for my Christmas gifting.

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      ok that post was about the power outage gift basket post , but everything I have read on this post are great. What creative people you are. I commend you all I am so psyched to make these baskets for my family and friends. The pastor and his wife from my church are having a baby girl in December what a blessing to get together with my Sunday school class and make a weeks worth of dinners and maybe breakfast baskets for them. Things that will be quick and easy right there right now. Bless you all for this wonderful idea.

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      I would make a family move night gift set
      I would get a real big bowl I would put 4 cups in the bowl with 2 new family movies in then I would add Irish Cream Mocha then Popcorn crunch then Heavenly Hash popcorn then I would wrap it color wrap then I tie the top with a ribbon.

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      Theme 2: pre-Christmas casual meal solutions for loved ones

      Start with a jar of country soup mix, add a bunch of carrots and celery stalks tied together with twine add directions for preparation, finish with a bread mix. Angel cookies finish off the simple meal. Put a pack of cub crackers or saltines in to complement the soup.

      Next provide 4 mugs (soup mugs are best)
      Then provide the makings of chicken and rice casserole in a mug ingredients for each mug. Add a jar of bisquit mix. Finish off with a jar of Cowboy cookie mix.

      Add a set of stir spoons, place a crossword puzzle or word search game, a pack of pens, a small calendar, and you are set to go.

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      Theme: Christmas Eve Surprises

      One of my favorite nights when my kids were little was Christmas Eve. We would gather together after bath time and when they were all settled in PJs, we would have hot chocolate and snacks of cookies, pretzels, cup cakes, and candy treats. While we ate we would talk about Christmas, Jesus, and Santa Claus. A meal/snack basket for each of my kids to share with there family’s on Christmas Eve will contain the following items to share.

      Hot cocoa mix
      4 Christmas mugs to drink the cocoa in
      Cake mix for the cupcakes
      Cookie mix to bake fresh Cookies for Santa
      Bag of pretzel sticks
      Bag of marshmallows
      Bag of fruity twizzlers
      Jar of miniature M&M’s
      A jar of cake icing for cupcakes And decorating
      Some Christmas paper plates
      Also in the basket would be two story books: a story on the Birth of Christ and a copy of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

      The marshmallows, pretzels, M&M’s, and twizzlers are used to make edible snowmen.

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      For my gluten free friends:
      Pizza mix in a jar
      a bottle of lemonade syrup
      chocolate chip cookie mix in a jar

      Place mixes in a basket with some checkerboard napkins and a couple of potholders.

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      Big family. Will need lots of mixes for coffees, teas, hot chocolate, soups, desserts, chili, and popcorn. Movie dvds, dehydrated meats and veggies (just got a new dehydrator). I would decorate a picnic basket and fill it up. They can use the basket in warmer weather with fond memories. Love all around !

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      A pasta basket~!!!
      A jar of homemade spaghetti sauce
      A box of Pasta
      A bottle of wine
      2 wine glasses
      A large metal strainer
      Pot Holders
      Kitchen Towels
      Salad bowl with tongs, along with individual bowls
      Italian seasoning packet for salad dressing.
      Gift card to buy salad ingredients.

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      I would do a winter weekend basket. In it I would have Beef Chili Soup Mix, Chicken Noodle Soup Mix, Curry Soup Mix, I would add Brown bread Mix, and Onion bread mix. For dessert I would include instant puddings, instant jello, and cookie mix.

      I would add a deck of regular cards, a set of game card like Uno, a family board game like Monopoly and some current magazines for all ages. I would wrap it all in a oversized throw blanket to cuddle under.

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      I’d grab a pretty basket from the dollar store and include the following:
      1. M&M Cookie Mix
      2. Peanut Butter Cookie Mix
      3 Scottish Shortbread Cookie Mix
      along with some hot chocolate mix, my sweet tea jelly and some baking mix with instruction to make biscuits.

      Depending on how much that would all tally up to, I would also include 2 mugs (from the dollar store) and some home made marshmallows.

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      Christmas Morning meal basket for friends and family would include
      a hot chocolate or hot cocoa mix
      Coffee and creamer mixes
      Hearty pancake mix
      Home made jams, jellies or syrups
      Apple coffeecake mix

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      I would do a “Family Night Christmas Lights” gift basket.

      In it I would include the following mixes:
      Rich Cocoa
      Gumdrop Cookie
      Popcorn Crackles

      I would also find an inexpensive thermos to include, as well as styrofoam cups and candy-canes.

      I would include a $5 gas card (if there was enough money left of the $15) to pay for even that for the night.

      I’d package together in a basket with a note instructing the family to make the treats and cocoa, bundle up and go out looking at the beautiful lights.

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      I would make a basket with cornbread in a jar, calico bean soup mix in a jar and homemade salsa mix, with 4 stoneware bowls and a couple wooden spoons

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      I would put the Turkey Noodle Soup Mix, Spiced Cranberry Cider Mix and the Cornbread mix in a cute enamel soup pot with two soup mugs, a large wooden spoon and a couple of cute hotpads.
      I really need a new mixer with the holidays right around the corner!

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      i love to make homemade gifts for friends! its so much more personal than buying sometimes! my idea would be a holiday family movie night basket!

      since it is the holidays it could be cute to use an empty christmas popcorn tin lined with a coordinating fabric and filled with fun goodies!

      things to include:
      peppermint cocoa mix
      peanut butter popcorn mix
      chocolate peppermint fudge mix in a mug
      a cute christmas dvd for the family
      mugs for everyone
      chrismas cosy socks for everyone

      now everyone is set for a great cosy movie night in during the holidays!

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      I would love to win either prize! My idea would be a Christmas Eve Basket
      This would be in a wicker basket with red liner could be tablecloth or fleece blanket.
      Also with:
      1-Jar Gluten-free Snickerdoodle mix
      2-Jar of Hot cocoa mix
      3-Jar Friendship soup mix
      4-Copy of the “Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer” movie
      5-Copy of “T’was The Night Before Christmas” Story.

      All decorated jars with Christmas themes and ribbons with Hand decorated ornaments. With a Christmas decorated plate and Mug for leaving Cookies and Cocoa for Santa. After making these with the “littles” a snuggle by the fire for cookies and cocoa while listening to “T’was the Night Before Christmas”.

      Makes for the beginnings of a Holiday tradition.

    • #445353

      After reading all of those great new recipes on Gb101 I can’t Wait to get a digital pressure cooker!

      Since this is supposed to be a Meal Basket idea for the whole family, this is what I would make:

      i would place these in the santa suit pail with a couple new spoons and some wrapped homemade chocolates.

    • #445354

      I’m making pie baskets this year for 3 of the families on our list. I made up homemade Pie crust mix, home canned apple pie filling, homemade apple pie seasoning mix, homemade apple pie cinnamon crumb topping, a container of Pie Weights from Amazon and a [url=”ttp://www.amazon.com/s/?_encoding=utf8&camp=1789&creative=390957&linkCode=ur2&pageMinusResults=1&suo=1385383176274&tag=budget101com-20&url=search-alias%3Daps#/ref=nb_sb_noss_1?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=pie%20weights&sprefix=pie+w%2Caps&rh=i%3Aaps%2Ck%3Apie%20weights&sepatfbtf=true&tc=1385383177989″]pie crust protector edge.[/URL] I took a pie plate, lined it with a seasonal cloth napkin then placed each item in the dish with homemade printed recipe cards for making a pie.

      I wrapped them in clear cellophane and attached a pretty ribbon. Then I set them in boxes and wrapped the boxes, lol, so no prying eyes could see. They were pretty inexpensive to make and I hope they will be well received.

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    • #445360

      Sure could use a Pressure Cooker, so here goes nothing!
      I would do an International Night gift basket.
      I would print off some flags from whatever countries I was going to use. In this case, Italy, India and Russia. I would get tissue paper in the corresponding colors of the flags and line the basket.

      Also, I would get curly ribbon to decorate the finished product in the same colors.
      1 jar of Sun Dried Tomato & Penne Soup Mix
      1 jar of Brown Bread Mix
      1 pkt. of Curry Dressing Mix
      I jar of Russian Teacake Cookie Mix
      I packet microwave popcorn.
      I would pick out a couple of movies from the $5 or less bin. For this basket, The movie The Italian Job and From Russia with Love would be ideal picks!

    • #445362
      Avatar for LissWendyMilot

      My theme is The Night Before Christmas.
      I would include the storybook The Night Before Christmas.
      The kids could string popcorn for the tree and also eat some too.
      Then they could set by the fire or cuddle up in a warm blanket while listening to the story. Then on Christmas morning they could have holiday scones.

      Budget101.com – – Cracker Jacks Clone

      Budget101.com – – Christmas Coffee Mix | Mix Recipes
      Budget101.com – – Holiday Scone Mix

    • #445384

      Day off for Mom (or Dad as the case may be)

      1. Homemade bread mix with recipe
      2. Bread pan

      Jar of homemade mayo
      4. Head of iceberg lettuce
      5. Inexpensive paper plates & napkins and some plastic ware

      A good portion of leftover turkey or ham that I cooked
      7. Bag of chips or homemade
      8. Jar of homemade pickles

      Any other homemade goodies like potato salad, macaroni salad, etc.
      10. If the $15 limit has not been reached, a half gallon of milk or juice
      11. Any old board game or age appropriate movie we have outgrown

      This way Mom can have a day off and the family can help themselves. The bread is easy enough for an older child or even Dad to make (bread machine if they have one, or a lower knead). If they didn’t have the capacity, certainly I would bake it first for them.

    • #445385

      Holiday Meal Baskets. . .

      what goes inside?
      I would put together a basket with

      Baked Beans Mix
      candy bars or M&M’s
      JIffy Cornbread Mix
      pound Cake Mix

    • #445387

      1, A package of dried 3 cheese tortelinni
      2,Package of sundried tomatoes
      3.canned peas
      4.canned mushrooms
      5. Twister game
      6. Brownie Mix
      7.A camera to capture the moments

    • #445389
      Avatar for LissLiss

      One random lucky recipient will receive a $25 Amazon Gift Card! If we get 100+ responses before Thanksgiving, we’ll also give away a Digital Pressure Cooker and a kitchenaid mixer too! good luck and thanks for playing .


      well, we didn’t meet the challenge of 100 Responses by Thanksgiving, but that’s okay, we’ll be giving away another chance to win a digital pressure cooker & a Kitchenaid Mixer shortly!

      We would like to Congratulate Momo (Post #6), our randomly selected lucky challenge winner of a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

    • #445388

      How fun and exciting! Thank you so much! I have sent my reply via email as requested!

      I find these baskets to be so much fun to put together! I live in a retirement community, so I make some several times a year for some widowed friends who don’t often cook much for themselves. Ramen meals can be made inexpensively but provided needed nutrition.

      I have a Cameo digital cutting machine and make some cute doorknob treat holders and baskets for a single item or two as a special little treat to surprise them with just so they know someone cares, and sometimes it is a full meal. It means so much to them that it is very touching. This gift card will be well used; I promise!

      I cut brown paper grocery bags or the lunch bag size so that it turns into a basket, too, and keep several on hand all the time for just that purpose. It’s fun to make someone’s day with a simple little gift.

      I hope everyone out there has a wonderful and peaceful holiday season!

    • #445458

      The holidays can be hectic, so my gift basket idea is a Holiday Breakfast Bowl. You could take a glass or plastic bowl, line it with holiday hand towels or dish cloths and fill it with goodies like:

      1. Swiss Mocha Coffee Mix
      2. Instant Oatmeal – Various Flavors

      Breakfast Muffin Mix

      You could add a few coffee mugs in the bowl and a whisk or spoon and then the mugs, utensils and mixing bowls are already included!

    • #445465

      This is what My B/f Is getting this Year..He loves To bbq
      bbq lovers basket
      picnic basket with apron

      • homemade marinade and bbq recipes
      • homemade bbq rubs
      • homemade bbq sauces
      • bbq tools
      • packages of meat tenderizer
      • skewers
      • gift card for local meat store
      • outdoor table cloth
      • condiment containers
      • long handle bbq fire starter:xmas-1:
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