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      One of my frineds makes life worth living, as she often has wise

      words of wisdom. They do not go overboard with their kids gifts at

      Christmas. They will not buy any toys made in China, so that limits

      what they get as well…This is their list.

      One outfit

      One pair PJs

      One book

      1-2 toys

      Small toys, lipgloss, treats in stocking. I think this is great. We

      have 4 children, with a 5th on the way and I think this is

      reasonable, although I plan on buying more clothing/PJS as they are

      growing like weeds.

      There is a yahoo group called HolidayGrandPlan that helps us get

      ready for the holidays starting August 31st, so it is not too much. I

      also have a PDF file (I believe still) with lots of recipes for small

      gift giving.

      Also, one of my favorite gifts was given to me by a complete

      stranger. She had a fancy red lunch bag, decorated with ribbon, she

      had 2 handmade tissued holders, 2 holiday pencils, 2 floral pens

      (regular pen with a flower attatched wraped with floral tape)

      handmade flower pressed bookmarks and some chocolates and mints. At

      the time we had very little and I felt this was a very sweet gesture.


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