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      High school pictures

      I was fortunate and had a friend who is a photographer and she took two rolls
      of film. I paid her for taking the pictures and had them developed myself. It
      took the negatives to a local photo lab and received 80 wallets for $20 and
      developed only the ones that I needed for relatives.

      Ask around because there
      may be a person at work who has just completed a portrait class and is very
      good. You never know who is a photographer in waiting.

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      It’s true – the schools try to make it seem like you have to get your pictures from the company they choose. I’m surprised places like that don’t get a monopoly tax! It’s crazy!

      There’s no reason you or someone you know can’t take a picture in front of a blue background wearing a black suit or dress!

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      We had a professional take all three of the kids senior portraits…a local guy who does all the sports pics for the schools
      When the oldest got her’s done, I was clueless and spent way too much money(but the pics were very nice and i don’t really regret it)
      when our son graduated, i cut down on the number of pics….live and learn
      when our youngest daughter graduated, the photographer asked her to be one of his “models” for that school year, so she got a huge discount and actually earned money for referring people to him
      she also got her picture proofs for free and we could print them off ourselves if we want to
      that being said…dd’s boyfriend had his sister in law take his pictures…they turned out awesome and cost next to nothing

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      Our oldest son is graduating High school this year and the photographer packages that the school was offering through their “official” photographer were outrageously priced. I ended up taking his Senior pictures and thanks to internet photo printing sites I was able to get professional quality prints for much less than the cost of the photographer.

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Holidays & Special Occasions Graduation High school pictures