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      I thought it would be fun to hold a contest. . .

      As of an hour ago I hid the following Graphic somewhere within Budget101 :

      Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to locate that graphic, hit the reply button and copy & paste the link of the page containing the graphic in your reply.

      How to Play:

      1 .Search through &

      to locate the hidden graphic shown above.

      2. Once you find the graphic, copy & paste the url (page link) into the reply box.

      3. The first Person to correctly locate the graphic & post the correct url will be deemed the winner of the $10 Gift Card.

      4. The First Runner up will receive 25,000 Experience Points to spend in the Experience Shop.

      5. The second runner up will receive 20,000 Experience Points to spend in the Experience Shop.

      All Members of Budget101 are eligible to play.

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      I cannot see the graphic above and it will not allow me to download it. Help!

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      This is a very cool contest! Thanks so much! Great idea!!!

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      I agree. I can’t see it either. It just shows up as a little red ‘X’.

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      I can’t see the graphic either. All I see is a red X in a little box. Rats.

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      @FreebieQueen 128044 wrote:

      I can’t imagine why you aren’t able to view the graphic, it’s a regular gif . . .

      all i see is a box with a red x in it. i click on the contest.gif to view it and it tells me i do not have sufficient permissions to view the graphic.


      [note] you need to reload the page by hitting ctrl+alt+f5 at the same time. If you are receiving a permissions error, You are loading a cached page which is preventing you from seeing the graphic. The graphic is Not being hosted in the forums and permissions do not apply to it.


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      Wow! I can’t believe we don’t have a winner yet!! :017:

      Contest is Still On! :BOO:

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      I can see the graphic above in this post,:017::doh: I just can’t seem to find it any other place.
      You are awesome with hide and seek! LOL:Peek a boo!:

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      This is cool. Thanks!

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      I’ve been browising all over and haven’t seen it yet!

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      Did anyone ever find this ?

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      This is still on . . .

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      neat way to get us all thinking!!! EXCELLENT!!

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