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      hi i am fairly new, just wanted to say hi there!
      hugs- DN

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      dnbuster Welcome to the site! As you have probably seen we are a friendly, helpful group. I look forward to seeing future posts from you.

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      Hello dnbuster,

      Welcome to the site. Hope that you enjoy being here, as much as everyone here does.
      Have fun and enjoy,

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      Welcome! I’m pretty new myself and already feel right at home here. Great bunch of ladies!

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      Hello and Welcome dnbuster!!!
      Great to have you. Look forward to seeing your posts, anything you need or want to know… just ask away! Great group of people here who are filled with some great ideas to make all of our lives a bit easier everyday!


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      Hi, I’m in the Houston area. Glad to meet you!

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      Hey Welcome to the group

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      Hello and welcome aboard….I hope you find alot of useful information…this group is great!!!

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      Glad you joined, see ya on the board.

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      Welcome to the site! Its wonderful! There’s not a better site out there, so enjoy! 🙂

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      i have been welcomed with open arms!!

      glad i was referred here!!

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      i have been welcomed with open arms!!

      glad i was referred here!!

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      Welcome to the board! This is a great place. You I look forward to getting to know you better!

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      Hello dnbuster nice to meet you

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      Hi DN….Welcome from Canada….Have seen you on other sites. Hopoe you enjoy this one.

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      Welcome and Enjoy! It’s a great site. I find I’m spending alot of time here.:039:

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      Hi dnbuster! Greetings from NW missouri! Hope you get tons of ideas from this site like I have!

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      WELCOME! join in, and have fun! See you on the boards. 🙂

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      Welcome from SC, glad you’re joining in. Like everyone has already said, it’s a great place.

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      Welcome to the site. Hope your finding your way around okay. There is alot to see on here. Looking forward to seeing your post.

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      Welcome aboard, DN. This is a great site to keep your budget on the right track. This also a community of helpful, friendly people.

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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! hi there