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      I am from central Wisconsin and I’ve been lurking for a few months. It’s so easy to get lost in all the good advice. A few things I’ve tried: I’ve started taking advantage of some of the easier Walgreen’s deals; I took my kids on a road trip to do Kmart double coupons; I visited an actual butcher (got $1.49 FRESH chicken breast and $4.39 ribeyes sliced the way I want them!!!!!) – my local IGA store just had ground chuck for $2.19 (cooked up like it was 90%) and a turkey for $0.19 lb so my freezer is pretty well stocked (and the wallet is empty). I’ve also made the dishwash detergent.
      So, now I need to make a menu so that this food lasts. I’ve done weekly menus in the past (tried OAMC) and it definitely saves money. I’m finally posting a hello because I just found the newbie site and it said to. (It’s so hard to go step-by-step when there are so many fun things to read about on this site!!).
      Personally, I have 2 teen boys (one just got his temps last week!), a hubby, 2 cats and 2 dogs. I am a tax preparer and work odd jobs the rest of the year. I’m currently not working, so I have plenty of time to make a PLAN. My biggest problem with menu planning though, is that I am in a rut. The men in the family are picky — I have to hide most veggies (onions/peppers/tomatoes) and they won’t touch lettuce. I generally do baked/bbq chicken, tacos, pizza, spaghetti, stir-fry, roast, burgers, quesadillas, shredded pork. All meat intensive. I have recently gotten back into using leftovers for soup for my lunch and hubby snacks.
      Anyhow, sorry for the long intro — kind of turned into self therapy. Again, I’ve been loving the site — keep up the good work!

      Peggy :115: (I clicked on the blue smiley and it’s just showing :115: ???)

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      Hi Peggy,
      Welcome to the site–glad that you decided to post here. As you have seen the people here are very friendly, remember if you need anything just ask. “Long intro & self therapy” that’s ok too. we all do that too. Have you check the Blog section out ? All of us use that too. Great area to vent or share happenings with yourself. Enjoy

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      Welcome to the site Peggy! There is so much information that time goes in a blink of an eye 🙂 Hope to see future postings from you.

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      Welcome Peggy so vey glad to have you here !!! I know if you are any thing like me you will be hooked on this site !!!

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      Hi Peggy,
      Welcome aboard!!! I bet you got addicted before you joined…I did the same thing…..forgot to join……I just cant get enough….I hope you have a great time here!!!

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      Hi Peggy & welcome!! This is a great place and everyone is very helpful and friendly! Now that you have your feet wet in the Newbie Section……NO more lurking~Post Away!! :045:

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      Thanks to everyone for the welcome. Carolyn, I’ll work on posting. Weather is too nice today to do much on the site. Today it’s 66 but tomorrow only 50 and then 30’s. Winter is on it’s way! Oh, I did make a 3 week menu today and I have pretty much everything I need — yea!!!!!


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Board Rules & Regs Welcome Newbie! Newbie Intro’s Hi from Wisconsin lurker